Increase Shelf Appeal With Unique Stocks


Looking for a way to engage customers and stand out on the shelf? At Multi-Color, we offer clients a variety of unique stocks to enhance their brand image and capture attention – some of the substrates are made of materials so unusual, you may have to see to believe. 

Veneer Wood Grain

This real wood veneer label material has a smooth surface, with enough texture to demonstrate it is real. The wood grain stock comes in Cherry and Birch. It can also be foiled, debossed, and have ink applied.

Alpha Cowhide

This luxury brand stock replicates the look of leather. It is soft to the touch, with a gloss finish and contains no solvents or heavy metals, making it both sophisticated and sustainable.


Velvet stock offers a chic, elevated feel to any design. This stock comes in red, purple, and brown. It can be foiled and embossed for added shelf appeal.

Black Vellum

Black Vellum is a great option for brands whose designs have a black background. Printing black ink on a white stock can lead to scuffing issues, or a white edge around the label. Thereby, diminishing the look of a sleek onyx design. Using Black Vellum is a way to avoid these problems altogether, since the stock itself is black.


Looking for a unique textured stock to set your brand apart? Tweed paper is made of pure cellulose and is embossed off-machine in a textile design. It can be foiled, embossed, debossed, and spot glossed.

Royal White

Enhance your shelf appeal with this bright white, seventy pound stock. With added wet strength, this paper increases resistance to tearing and wrinkling when the label is exposed to moisture.

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