Standout with 3D Resin Seals!

Make an impact on the shelf by adding a 3D resin seal to your packaging. The enhanced visual of resin seals will grab attention to your brand, allowing you to standout from competitors.


Design options are endless for resin seals. Resins easily allow you to replicate the look of wax or a glass mold. It can be printed on metallic, white, or clear substrates, and can be cut into unique shapes and various sizes. Resin seals are printed using a wide array of colors and can incorporate metallic features. As a result, you are able to create something original and eye-catching for your brand.

Compared to glass molds, resin seals provide you with lower start-up costs and lower minimum order requirements. Production time is also faster than glass molds, so you can get your bottles to market faster. Plus, with greater design options and water resistant properties – resin seals are a perfect fit for your brand.

Resin seals can be delivered on rolls or sheets, depending on your requirements. They are self-adhesive and affixed to a liner for easy application. Also, they can be applied to labels, glass bottles, boxes, and tissues.

Whether you need a hundred or a million, we can help you create the best option to fit your needs.