The “E” in embellishments doesn’t mean expensive


If you have ever asked yourself, “How can I add a little pop to my label without breaking the bank?”, then you should read on…

The easiest way to enhance the look of your labels is to add embellishments. However, when your printer starts talking about foil dies and emboss dies, it is easy to get overwhelmed and concerned about price.

So, let’s keep it simple.


Foil is a great option to add bright elements to your label that demand attention. However, instead of foiling everything on the label, avoid foiling vintages and varietals. By foiling common elements on all of your labels (i.e. the brand name, logo, crest, etc.) you can use the same foil die for every label, and you won’t have to buy new tooling every year.


In a world of swiping and typing on smooth surfaces, embossing adds a tangible feel to your labels. Remember, only emboss common elements and skip the details like vintages that change every year, to avoid reoccurring tool charges.  

Spot Gloss

Adding gloss elements to your label is one of the most cost-effective decorative options. The gloss sheen against a matte background is an easy way to add contrast and depth to your label. Plus, it can be added over embossed areas for extra impact.

Textured Stock

Want texture on your label but don’t want to pay for a texture die? Select a stock that already has a texture! Choosing textured stocks like Felt, Linen, and Tweed allows you to save money, without sacrificing the look you want.

There are many other embellishment options to choose from, but keeping the tips above in mind can help you enhance the look of your label without “breaking the bank”.