The New Label Standard for Ice Bucket Performance

The summer months are here! The heat makes you feel like you are melting, so you (or your customers) grab for that chilled bottle of wine from the ice bucket, only to notice that the label looks like it’s melting too!

For many brands, ice-buckets and labels do not mix well together. Ice-bucket exposure may cause your label to turn gray and wrinkle, or worse – fall off. You have to keep your wine cold, but by doing so puts your brand image at risk. So, what are you going to do?

The answer is Killer White Water-Tight™24 – a Multi-Color exclusive stock that is setting a new standard for ice bucket performance.

Killer White Water-Tight™24 will remain white, vibrant, and on the bottle, even after 24 hours in an ice bucket. This is achieved by combining a premium white label paper with a water-tight barrier and an aggressive white adhesive, together prevent graying and bubbling.

Whether you are at an event or enjoying wine in your back yard with friends, keep your brand image strong and choose Killer White Water-Tight™24.