Emboss Do’s and Don’ts: Make your label pop, not peel.

Embossing elements on your design adds dimension and texture to an otherwise flat label – and in a world of swiping and typing on slick surfaces, it’s refreshing to actually feel what’s in your hand. Need some help adding depth to your label design? Learn about our Emboss Do’s and Don’ts below.

Emboss Do’s

  • Emboss common features on your label that won’t change every year, like the brand and logo, so you can use the same emboss dies for multiple SKUs (aka, save money).

  • Want a unique texture on your label? Use an emboss plate to add texture to a flat stock instead of purchasing a standard textured paper.

  • Combine embossed and debossed designs to add dimension to your label and make it visually intriguing.

  • Consider complimenting a blind emboss with printed ink, or emboss with a drop shadow. Talk to your designer and label printer to find out how ink and embellishments can work together to create an outstanding visual.

Emboss Don’ts

  • Avoid embossing vintages or alcohol percentages, unless you are willing to purchase new tooling for every production run.

  • Don’t add a textured emboss to an already textured stock. Textured stocks have variation, so adding more would result in the different textures fighting one another to stand out.

  • Too much embossing on a label can cause application issues. The more raised emboss on a label, the less contact it has with the actual bottle. As a result, the label could lift or peel. If your design includes emboss that goes to the edge of the label, ask your printer to review the design prior to ordering tools.

  • Beware of adding too many emboss and deboss elements on the same die. Combined emboss/deboss plates do not allow as much control over the depth of the deboss or height of the emboss. You may need to order two dies – one for the deboss and one for the emboss – to create the optimal visual effect.

With these Do’s and Don’ts in mind, you are on your way to creating a world class label! Want more helpful tips? Contact our team today!