How to Make Personalized Packaging Work for Your Brand

Variable Data.jpg

Personalized packaging comes in many forms: serial numbering, limited edition graphics, variable images, marketing codes, brand security coding, and more. These features are created using variable data printing. Variable data printing is made possible by Digital print technology, since digital presses view each art file individually and as a unique graphic.

Virtually any part of your label design can be enhanced with variable data. For example, some brand owners use variable images for the same varietal to create eye-catching point-of-sale displays (i.e. four different front label graphics for the same Cabernet Sauvignon). Using different images on the front label allows consumers to select the image that best suits their personality and urges them to collect all the different bottles in a series.

The most common use of variable data printing is including the bottle number of the total quantity produced, for example “Bottle 127 of 1,426”. This application creates exclusivity and increases brand value to consumers. No matter how you use it, variable data printing is a great option for personalizing or regionalizing your products.

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