Stella Label Prototyping, a Multi-Color Exclusive Technology

Discover what’s new in label prototyping! Multi-Color is proud to present Stella, an imaging technology that creates fully built-up and die-cut labels – no plate or die purchases required.

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Directional Label Proofing (Stella) allows you to preview your design before the actual print run. Stella proofs can be printed on a wide variety of label materials, including paper, film and wood substrates. The high-quality proofs can incorporate decorative foils, embossing and debossing, as well as simulated textures.

Stella is a useful tool for customers who are trialing different designs and want to see how various embellishments enhance the look of their label. Directional proofing is also a great help when re-branding or pitching a new design concept to a team of people. Having a physical rendition in hand helps you make the best choice for the look of your label.

Again, no tooling or dies have to be purchased! To start your project, all you need are art files, a stock specification, color call outs, and embellishment details. Contact us today to learn more!