Label Wraps for Canned Wine: Pros and Cons

If you want to can wine but don’t want to invest in printed cans or shrink sleeves, consider pressure sensitive label (PSL) wraps as an option. Though not as common as shrink sleeves or printed cans, PSLs are an effective method for labeling canned wine with wrap around graphics.


Stock Selection

Choose from our entire selection of textured papers, metallic substrates, and films. Since cans are often chilled or submerged in ice, we recommend selecting a wet strength stock that will keep your label intact when exposed to damp environments.  For example, a water barrier paper like Killer White Water-Tight™24 maintains the structure and appearance of a label even after 24 hours in an ice-bucket.


Emboss, foil stamping, spot gloss, and different varnishes can all be applied to PSLs for cans. This is especially beneficial for small quantity orders that would cost significantly more if similar decorative elements were added to shrink sleeves.


It may be easier to go with a labeling option you are familiar with instead of learning a new technology. Shrink sleeve technology has different design precautions, printing techniques, finishing specifications, and application requirements. Therefore, PSLs for cans would be a good choice for clients that do not want to invest the time to learn about shrink sleeves.


Design Surface Area

While PSLs for cans provide wrap around graphics, there is a gap between the lip of the can and the top of the label that shows the aluminum. Shrink sleeves cover the entire can for a more fluid look by providing a top-to-bottom, 360° canvas for designs. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve for your canned wine, shrink sleeves may be a better option for brand messaging and POS content.

­Scuff Resistance

PSL wraps for cans are coated with a protective varnish to reduce scuffing. However, shrink sleeves have better scuff protection than PSLs because ink is reverse printed underneath the film. As a result, ink does not come in direct contact with as many external factors from canning line to shelf.

Price as Quantities Increase

As quantities increase, shrink sleeves are usually more cost effective than PSLs. Application speeds are also faster for shrink sleeves and can be combined with the filling and capping process of canning for added efficiencies and potential savings.


PSL wraps are a great option for small producers getting into canned wine or for customers that are not interested in learning about shrink sleeve technology. Though, shrink sleeves may be a better long-term strategy if you plan on expanding more product lines into the canned wine market.