Folding Cartons for Premium Packaging


Deliver your product to consumers in a memorable package with embellished folding cartons. Through sheet-fed printing, folding cartons can be decorated with hot-foil stamping, multi-level embossing, and spot varnishes. Additionally, graphics can be printed on the inside and outside of the finished cartons, allowing more space for brand messaging and product information.

Premium folding cartons are a great solution for brand owners looking to elevate and differentiate their brand’s packaging. Brands and products that require small, highly embellished folding containers – such as cosmetics, gourmet food, and cannabis – are an ideal fit for the technology. View examples here.

Additionally, folding cartons are self-locking or can include adhesive closure configurations. The small boxes are also recyclable and can be a premium alternative to some plastic forms of flexible packaging. 

To learn more about folding cartons, contact a team member for questions and samples.