Bring Your Labels to Life with Specialty Inks


If you are looking for a way to engage customers with your brand, consider using specialty inks that bring your label to life. Want your label to turn a different color when it’s hot or cold or shift color when sunlight hits it? All that and more is possible with thermochromic, photochromic, black light activated, and glow in the dark inks.

Thermochromic ink at room temperature (clear).

Thermochromic ink at room temperature (clear).

Thermochromic ink once bottle is chilled (purple).

Thermochromic ink once bottle is chilled (purple).

Thermochromic Ink

Thermochromic ink changes color when exposed to different temperatures. It is used by brands as a visual cue to let customers know when a product is cold or hot. Thermochromic ink can be applied via flexo, silk screen, and offset printing technologies. The temperature at which thermochromic ink changes can also be customized to give customers a visual cue of when their wine or beer is at the perfect degree. Colors for thermochromic ink range from colorless to red, blue, orange, pink, and more.

Photochromic Ink

Photochromic ink changes color when exposed to sunlight. The ink can be applied via flexo, silk screen and offset printing presses. Photochromic ink is great for seasonal promotions during spring and summer that encourage people to grab their favorite wine and picnic outside. Photochromic ink creates a unique experience for customers that can increase sales and brand recognition.

Black Light/Security Ink

Ink activated by black light can serve multiple functions – from fun promotions to security. Promote your brand at bars and nightclubs by creating a design that glows under black light to make an interesting attention-grabbing display. Additionally, you can utilize black light ink as an economical security feature by including hidden designs on your labels that can only by illuminated by black light. Color options include blue, red, and yellow/green and can be applied via flexo, offset, and screen printing.

Glow in the Dark Ink

Glow in the dark ink illuminates after being charged by indoor lighting. The strength of the glow is dependent on how much ink is applied to the label via screen or flexo printing. Whether you are promoting your brand as the perfect addition to a Halloween party or camping trip, glow in the dark ink allows consumers to interact and have fun with your brand. The main color option for glow ink is green, however orange and pink will be available soon!

For questions about available color options or samples, contact our team today.