Traditional vs. Smart Packaging

Smart packaging is getting increased attention from wine and spirits producers because of the customization and real-time features it offers. Want to remotely change promotions without the cost of reprinting packaging? Or track the movement and handling of each bottle from warehouse to end consumer? This and so much more is possible with smart packaging.

Traditional packaging translates to needing new packaging every time a promotion is created, updated or changed. The cost of reprinting, shipping, and aging out dated inventory racks up quickly. Additionally, most of the data related to the product after it leaves your facility must be retrieved from retailers. As a result, brands have less control and slower response times to valuable data. Smart packaging resolves these issues by providing real-time promotion management, data control and analytics, personalization for every single product, and direct communication with the end-customer.

How is it possible? Smart packaging includes the use of augmented reality (AR) and/or Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna technology to collect data and create memorable experiences for your customers. Not only is the technology a great benefit to your company behind the scenes, but it also serves as a method to engage end consumers and get them talking about your brand.

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Smart packaging benefits the entire supply chain:

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·         Direct and personalized communication with end-customer

·         Anti-refilling and brand protection from counterfeiting

·         Loyalty to the brand

·         Leverage innovation in brand’s image


·         Product’s authenticity verification

·         Grey Market Activities prevention

·         Expiration date control

·         Track and trace


·         Always up-to-date promotions

·         Sales activation through digital channels

·         POS control and management

·         Out of stock monitoring


·         Real-time benefits to purchase activation (coupons, special discounts, LTOs)

·         Personalized content 

·         Safe product confirmation

·         Extended label

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