How to Add Texture to Enhance Your Label

Onward Malvasia Bianca

Textured substrates can add a premium feel to your label, enhancing your brand’s shelf appeal. If you want to add a texture to your label there are two options: select a stock that comes with a texture from the paper mill or buy an emboss/deboss tool to apply texture to the stock of your choice.

Textured Stocks from the Paper Mill

Textured stocks such as felts, laids and linens come from the paper mill with texture already embedded in the substrate. These stocks, while relatively limited in variety, are readily available from most paper suppliers. To view samples of textured papers, ask your printer or check out existing labels.

Embossed Textures

Another option is to add texture to a smooth stock utilizing an emboss tool on press, which allows for a large variety of custom options. You can select from our extensive grain library, or a unique grain of your own creation. Adding an embossed custom texture can make a less expensive stock appear more premium. Other advantages include selecting from a large variety of grain options, as well as the ability to add controlled, textural elements to specific areas of your label, enhancing its unique qualities.

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