Cut It Out!

Imagine you’re in a grocery store walking down the wine aisle. What captures your attention – color, texture, bottle shape? With a myriad of wine bottles competing for selection, special die-cuts are a great way for your brand to stand out and enhance shelf-appeal.

A special die-cut can be used in several ways: an unusual label shape (die line), a cut-out, or a torn label edge. No matter how you use it, your bottle is sure to impress and capture the consumer’s attention! 

Skyline Label


Help your bottle get noticed on the shelf by using a unique die-line or label shape. Special shapes can intensify your package’s overall appeal. Add a curve, a bend, or a diagonal to make a statement or tell a story. To make sure the new label shape works well during application, we can provide blank label samples, so you can trial it on your bottling line, giving you the confidence that production will go smoothly.


Cut-outs are a fun way to add dimension to your label. Unlike the die-line that cuts the outside of the label, images are cut out of the body of the label to enhance the consumer’s visual experience. Cut-outs allow portions of the label to be removed to show the glass or product underneath – like a window through the label. They can be playful, delicate, bold and seriously cool. Add a cut-out and add intrigue to your label.

Torn Label Edge

Paper made prior to the 19th century, left a ragged or feathered edge to the paper that we refer to as a deckled edge. Deckled edge papers impart a handmade or antique look that elevates your label design.

In addition to a few commercially available deckled-edge papers, Multi-Color offers a torn label edge that mimics deckled paper and is another option to consider for your die-line. This unique process truly tears the bottom edge of the label during the print run which guarantees no two labels will be the same.

When thinking of how to convey your brand’s personality to consumers, consider using special die-cuts to your advantage. For samples or to learn more ways to differentiate on the shelf, contact our team!

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