Cost-Effective Label Embellishments

Printing embellishments are proven to elevate your label’s appearance and properly applied, embellishments help your label stand out in a crowded retail space. They may also add unplanned cost and complexity to the printing process. When this happens, what are your options?

Using a unique label stock is one way to upgrade your label, but the cost and order minimums may be prohibitive. If this is the case choose a cost-effective, readily available label stock and add a custom texture. This adds a premium look and feel to the label yet leaves room to spend on other impactful print techniques that elevate the look of a label.

Lion Tamer

Foil stamping is a tried and true premium embellishment. Screen gloss inks and/or high-build screen inks are a great way to give the look of a foil stamp or emboss without having to buy a foil or emboss die.  Want the look of two foil elements on your label and you only have the budget for one? If so, consider using one foil for all foil elements of the label and overprinting ink on portions of the foil to show multiple foil ‘looks’.   

These are just a few options to consider when you are looking to get the most out of your label embellishment spend. Whatever your vision, project objectives, or budget MCC Napa has the capabilities to ensure the best fit for every label.   Our goal is to provide the world’s best premium label solution.

MCC Napa