Brand News March 2019

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Hayman’s of London

Design:  Stranger & Stranger   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Stranger & Stranger

Printer: Multi-Color England

Since 1863 five generations of the Haymans family have acted as custodians of the True London Dry Gin – providing an unbroken lineage dating back to the original gin boom. Throughout this 150 years, they have been proud to distill True London Dry Gins, using family techniques and processes handed down through the generations. Today, in an era where most gin producers have focused on what’s new, the Haymans family remain committed to championing the True English Gin style.

“Hayman’s Gin, an English brand since 1863, required a thoroughly English look. The balance and complexity in the liquid are reflected in the beauty and craft of very precise typography. Its been a while since we used Baskerville and you couldn’t get a font more English than John’s finest and most enduring typeface. Add some beautifully printed colour and fine debossing by Multi-Color England and Hayman’s lives again. Correct for the market, yet distinctive within it.”  Stranger and Stranger

Harvest by Ochre Nation

Design:  Hannah Van Harskamp, Ochre Nation   Artist:  Tiff Manuell   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Hannah Van Harskamp, Ochre Nation

Artist: Tiff Manuell

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Handcrafted in the Northern Adelaide Hills – Harvest Social Cantina is a grower’s co-operative of lo-fi wines delivering profits directly to the grassroots of our industry whilst offering great value wines to be enjoyed with food, family and friends.

The talents of Tiff Manuell were called upon to craft a giant canvas that best expresses the vibrancy of the project. The label for each wine in the range has been drawn from that particular canvas and gold foiling contrasting the type from the vibrant colours. The canvas can be seen at the Unico Zelo winery, located in Gumeracha – Northern Adelaide Hills.

Magic Box Wines by Casella Family Brands

Design: The Key Branding  Printer: Mult-Color Australia

Design: The Key Branding

Printer: Mult-Color Australia

This range of wines is a ‘magic box’ -representing the craft and magic behind the wine making process. The Magician is our winemaker -a man of mystery and intrigue, and the master craftsman who brings all of the magical ingredients together to produce these marvelous and delicious wines. 

The Magic Box Collection is designed to hold people spellbound, offering an incredible taste experience with an abundance of fantastical flavors.

See through the thrilling illusions and discover our Spectacular Shiraz, Wondrous Chardonnay, Amazing Cabernet and Remarkable Rose. 

With dynamic and vibrant colors, enchanting names and enticing labels, the Magic Box Collection invites people to an exceptional world of wine, full of extraordinary taste and excitement.

Crocker & Starr

Design: Tim Gatto, Gatto Design  Printer: Multi-Color Napa

Design: Tim Gatto, Gatto Design

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

Inspired by a folkloric story; the traditional role of the bridesmaid was to hand-gather romantic—perhaps magical—herbs and flowers for the bride, to bring good fortune to the new union. The new Bridesmaid brand uses a unique gold foil sculpted emboss and mat finish to highlight the antique look of the bouquet. Debossed copy, mimicking old-fashion letterpress, adds to the classic character of the label. Designer Tim Gatto found the print of the bouquet in a 1950’s Sears & Roebuck catalog, and interestingly, one of the original kit homes from the catalog lives on the Crocker Estate.

“We had a new project that needed to be completed and expedited, Multi-Color Napa was more than helpful guiding us through the process. They were very efficient, organized, and prepared to make any changes necessary to execute the beautiful design.”  Lauren McClure, PR/Marketing and Sales, Crocker & Starr

Feudo Arancio – Hedonis by Nosio Spa

From the ancient philosophy of life that indicated the pursuit of pleasure as the ultimate goal, Hedonis was born: a wine that is able to satisfy the pleasure of the senses, celebrating the richness of Nero d’Avola in purity and embodying the most genuine and authentic expression of the Sicilian enological richness. 

The label depicts the wedding of the wine-god Dionysus and Ariadne, the immortal princess of Crete. At their nuptial banquet, the gods of the Olympus celebrate with the couple the pleasures of life, surrounded by the mythological figures of the dancing Satyr and of the Maenads. The myth symbolizes the pure essence of the quest for pleasure of ancient Greek origin, exalted by the veracity and sumptuousness of the Sicilian spirit that permeates this breathtaking island. 

Multi-Color has combined debossing and embossing techniques to give great depth to the label, as if it were a bas-relief painting; in addition, an opaque silk-screen printing creates a very powerful material effect. The Hedonis label has won the Silver Award at the 22nd International Packaging Competition – during the Vinitaly fair in April 2018 – in the Category 5 relating to packages of still red wines with designation of origin and geographical indication of the 2015 vintage and previous.

“We appreciated the constant support given by Multi-Color Italy label team in Prato in giving birth to this complex creativity. Their expertise added value to the original concept, resulting into a remarkable label, which equals the original piece of art and interprets it with contemporary approach.” Barbara Darra, Global Marketing Manager of Gruppo Mezzacorona

Design: Smith Brand Design – Milano  Printer: Multi-Color Italy

Design: Smith Brand Design – Milano

Printer: Multi-Color Italy

Colours by Viña Cremaschi

Printer: Multi-Color Chile

Printer: Multi-Color Chile

The Colours label was inspired by Bunting birds, considered one of the most beautiful birds in Chile because of its eye-catching and unmistakable colours. Inhabitants of the Maule region tell a story of how the sun illuminates the feathers of this bird, and a pretty rainbow could be seen. 

Multi-Color Chile used the eye-catching design of the bird and its various colours to create a textured finish of different types in its plumage, a foil was added to the lower part of the label to add an elegant touch.

“We are very happy with the Multi-Color, particularly with the special care they had with details and finishes. The result was as expected, obtaining a high-quality finish”.  Fernanda Villanueva- Head of Design – Viña Cremaschi Furlotti

Hess Select Wines

Design: Michael McDermott  Printer: Multi-Color Napa

Design: Michael McDermott

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

Hess Select wines are sourced from Hess family-owned estate vineyards and from grower families who share their sustainable farming philosophy. These wines are everyday favorites that offer vibrant, balanced flavor and true varietal character. The Lion emblem has been a symbol of the Hess Family for generations and is the common thread throughout all Hess brands.

“While redesigning Hess Select we focused on featuring the Lion brand symbol. The use of a thin foil border helped frame the Lion to create focus to this important branding centerpiece. Detailed etched embossing creates a handmade feel and the label size and rich colors drive perceived value upward.” Kristina Tarazoff, Sr. Manager, Creative and Digital Strategy

“Handling Hess Select was an exercise in restraint, we had a narrow envelope to work in – Multi-Color provided all the necessary testing and experimentation to find the best improvement of detail and economy.” Michael McDermott – Designer

Lorinae by Viña Cremaschi

Printer: Multi-Color Chile

Printer: Multi-Color Chile

Ridgeview, The vibrant parrot is the key aspect that stands out on the label. The use of vibrant colors was used to separate the labels by variety. An unconventional die cut was created to give standout on shelf and mirrors the natural environment of the parrots.

“Working with Multi-Color was a real pleasure, they managed to give life to the brand with bright colors and perfect finishes, especially with the die cut, which is unusual and complex. Additionally, they were attentive to any questions that we had from the beginning, regarding the technical aspects that the label required”.  Fernanda Villanueva- Head of Design – Viña Cremaschi Furlotti

Soho George by Soho Wines

Design: Gorgeous Creative  Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Design: Gorgeous Creative

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

When SOHO launched their new limited edition Waiheke Island wines, the brief was to create a ‘Mad Men’ inspired label that is “iconic and cool with a real premium feel”. Printed on Chateau Enhanced uncoated paper, the label features a rich gold foil and stunning fine detail gloss screen creating a visually striking label.

“The final label from MCC is nothing short of stunning, we are so pleased this new series inspired by my nieces and nephews has a label that encapsulates the timeless essence of quality and authenticity.” Rachael Carter – Founder and Managing Director

KWV 15-Year Brandy

Design: Bravo Design  Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Bravo Design

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

KWV’s 15-Year Brandy has been voted the “best brandy in the world” multiple times at the world’s largest spirits competitions. The amber hue and elegant notes of this complex spirit needed a fresh label to underscore its value proposition, and Multi-Color offset technology and advanced embellishment techniques were the only way to go. 

Forming part of a revamp of the entire KWV brandy portfolio, Multi-Color delivered this stunning label presentation. Heavy metal stock lends a deep glow to the signature blue colour scheme, and holds intricate debossed details, while the title is presented with a compelling three-dimensional emboss.

“We believe our products are now dressed the part and we are ready to take on the world!”  Nuno Fernandes, Marketing Executive – Spirits, KWV

Thomson & Scott

Design: Imagist  Printer: Multi-Color England

Design: Imagist

Printer: Multi-Color England

For Thomson & Scott, it wasn’t just about creating another champagne they were compelled to create a health-conscious champagne to give health-conscious consumers a premium sparkling wine that is vegan and organic, as well as no additives like animal-derived by-products or harmful pesticides. Now, they offer a delicious range of premium wines for customers to fall in love with. 

When a customer approaches you with putting so much heart, mind and soul into their product, you can only do one thing, throw only the best you can at the labels to really give the consumers an idea of the quality that is inside the bottle.

From the initial meeting with Imagist and Thomson & Scott, it was quite clear we needed to take these champagne labels beyond a standard wine label, although the designs seem simple in look, every aspect has been considered to give maximum standout on the shelf so consumers feel they are buying something special.

“As a design company, we work best when collaborating. Multi-Color England not only gave us advice on how to get the best results from the champagne labels but were always on hand to guide us through the art working and production process. They were as determined as we were to translate our ideas into reality.”  Lucy Groom, Imagist

The Nodding Donkey Distillery Co.

Design: Stranger & Stranger  Printer: Multi-Color England

Design: Stranger & Stranger

Printer: Multi-Color England

The Nodding Donkey Distillery Co was born from owner Jamie Jarrold’s time travelling the world in the oil industry and being exposed to a rich selection of ingredients used in food and drink from a wide range of different cultures. Jamie saw an opportunity to create something very special and different. 

Inspired by the revival of Gin, he wanted to make a robust flavor with heavy notes of juniper but one which was perfectly balanced by the other botanicals, using plump wild sloes from the hedgerows of West Sussex Jarrold’s limited edition Sloe Gin was born.

“We are delighted with the quality of the labels Multi-Color England have created for our range of products. The labels turned out to be everything we had hoped and we often catch people touching them and looking closely when we’re doing events and have had many extremely positive comments. 

The guys and girls at Multi-Color England were a pleasure to deal with and extremely responsive to our changing requirements throughout the process, which was quite intricate and required some really special input from the team. 

Communication was first class throughout. As a result, we have a superbly finished product which exudes class and certainly compliments the product inside the bottle. 

Our sincere thanks to you all for a great all-round service.”
Jamie Jarrold, Owner

Enokoue by Viña Cremaschi

Printer: Multi-Color Chile

Printer: Multi-Color Chile

Enokoue was specially created for the Chinese market and consequently a big challenge when creating the design, giving special attention to certain details that are very important to Asian culture. 

The label gives its attention to the deer that is printed on a white high-quality material background with fine process print with gloss areas to add depth.

“The final result obtained by Multi-Color succeeded our expectations. The market we are working in is very critical when a final project is chosen, giving a lot of emphasis to the final label details”. Fernanda Villanueva- Head of Design – Viña Cremaschi Furlotti

Pikes Beer Co.

Design: Black Squid  Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Design: Black Squid

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

The brief was to design a small batch, limited release beer label for festivals and cellar door, and to design a label that was visually and texturally premium, so it can stand out in the craft beer market. 

Taking inspiration from the freshwater Pike and their two-toned scales, the limited release label was designed to give an overall refined contemporary feel, with a simple minimalist look to break the mold of the typical craft beer. Using colors associated with the beer varietal to create an elegant and sophisticated color palette. The labels pattern mimics a textural raised fish scale feel while highlighting one gold scale to symbolize its rarity.

Pip & Nut

Design: B&B Studio  Printer: Multi-Color England

Design: B&B Studio

Printer: Multi-Color England

Pip & Nut all started with the Founder Pippa Murrays idea to reinvent nut butter into an on-the-go snack and healthy cooking ingredient, from there Pip & Nut, has evolved into a lifestyle brand. 

B&B Studio has worked with this entrepreneurial business from day one, instilling the positioning and identity with an energy and positivity that has changed perceptions of nut butter. The brand’s personality has helped forge an exceptional bond with young, health-conscious consumers, and enabled it to develop into new categories too. In just four years, the brand has grown from £0-£10m. 

Bringing on Multi-Color Labels as a label partner has helped to support the fast growth, working closely with both Pip & Nut and B&B Studios we have developed the perfect labels where the bright colors pop from the clean white material and the use of matte varnish and high build screen give extra dimension for best shelf stand out.

Producteurs De Plaimont

Design: Agence Com-Ocean  Printer: Multi-Color France

Design: Agence Com-Ocean

Printer: Multi-Color France

Every year, Plaimont aims to boost its high point: the new Colombelle vintage -PGI Côtes de Gascogne- via the graphic creation of a limited edition vintage. 

After shrink sleeves and screen printing, the latest idea to stand out was to use a specific printing technique commonly used in the world of spirits yet still rare in the world of wine: double-sided stickers.

“Multi-Color Libourne was of great help all along the development of this innovative project. From the choice of the right printing solution to overcome all the constraints to the perfectly achieved labeling, Multi-Color Libourne truly helped Plaimont stand out in the market. Its support, advice and staff dedication were a tremendous asset to achieve this technical feat.”