Brand News September 2017

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Presenting our quarterly Brand News, showcasing Multi-Color labels from around the world.



Design:  Cult Partners   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Cult Partners

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

The Emmy® Award-winning HBO® drama Game of Thrones has long given wine a prominent role in its scenes from the Seven Kingdoms. Now fans and fine wine drinkers alike can uncork a bottle of Game of Thrones that would bring a smile to the lips of any Lannister. In battle and to signify status, the noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms carry banners displaying distinctive symbols. The label designs capture these epic battle scenes with an intricate application of gold foil and emboss which come alive against a rich, black background. To further capture the complexity of the drama, the Chardonnay and Red Blend are produced as four separate strips that are applied to the bottle simultaneously. The most prized Cabernet Sauvignon carries only the banner of it’s powerful, alpha canine, the Direwolf. This label is beautifully crafted with the same intricate foil and emboss and stands apart with its bright red wax seal.

“Thank you Multi-Color for the beautiful job you did on the Game of Thrones projects. Each label exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to work with you on future projects.” Lesley Larson, VP of Marketing, Vintage Wine Estates



Manuscripts kept at the State Archives and Parish revealed Mossi Winery to have been registered in the first ‘Rural Farnese Valuation’ of the vicinity of the town of Albareto in 1558. Since then, fourteen generations have followed, producing grapes and making wine.

In 2014, Luigi Mossi transitioned management of the winery to Marco Profumo and Silvia Mandini. The aim of the young couple is to refresh Mossi’s brand identity, tailoring and emboldening it, while carefully preserving its heritage.

“Inspired by the Deco style, we chose Killer White uncoated paper to recreate the lace designs and the architectural decorations of the early 1900s through beautiful embossed printing. The complexity of the design was challenging, and the Multi-Color team performed several print trials to perfect the labels. No other company would be able to achieve such a beautiful result.” Silvia Mandini, Marketing Manager

Design:  Quinto Lancio, Milano   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Quinto Lancio, Milano

Printer: Multi-Color Italy



Design:  Interweave Group   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Interweave Group

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

In early 2016 Angove Family Winemakers embarked on a project to bring their McLaren Vale wines together under a common banner.

“Engaging creative house Interweave and through working with the team at Multi-Color we were able to move in the right direction and deliver a superb new look,” said Matt Redin, Angove’s Marketing Manager.

Calling on some of the Angove history, the Family Crest was redrawn and slightly modernised, then enhanced with a fully sculptured, multi-tiered emboss. Printed on Killer White uncoated paper, the stunning crest is complemented with a grain emboss, deboss highlights, rich gold foil and spot gloss. The labels are beautifully tactile and visually striking.

“The guidance from the team at Multi-Color in the building of this new label was fantastic. From emboss trials, stock selection and printing methods, and a marathon press check in which ten new labels were delivered in one day, they have ensured that the new designs over-deliver in quality and finish.” Matt Redin, Angove’s Marketing Manager



In 1983, long before craft beer was even a trend, Mitchell’s Brewery was founded in the heart of Knysna. From their location on the shore of the scenic lagoon, they locally source the finest raw ingredients from the prime Southern Cape agricultural region.

“When the time came to update the packaging for our familiar range of beers, we turned to Multi-Color to execute the project. Multi-Color’s Crystal™ super clear offering created the ‘no-label look’ for the bold graphics of the fresh designs. Well done MultiColor team! You guys are amazing!” Hein Swart, Managing Director, Mitchell’s Brewing

Design:  Watson Ferguson   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Watson Ferguson

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa


NAPA, CAlifornia USA

Design:  Stranger and Stranger   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Stranger and Stranger

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

“A tasting room inside of a library would naturally be inspired by the books themselves. Multi-Color provided innovation and production guidance for Durant Booth labels; tying in book covers, custom paper, detailed embossing treatment, elegant foil, and sophisticated ink laydown helped accomplish the brand vision,” said Joy Hallman, Creative Services Director at Stranger & Stranger.

“Multi-Color was the ideal partner in this project, lending printing expertise and suggestions to make these unique marbled expressions come to life. Nine different wines in nine different bottles complicated the process requiring diligence by all parties to make sure that the desired design effect could be achieved while addressing production and bottling concerns. We could not be happier with the result - nine beautiful labels that shows off each marbled creation with a sense of craftsmanship, whimsy, texture and attention to detail.” Wendi Webster Green, Rudd Estate/Durant & Booth



Fortified Wines have long been a tradition in Australian winemaking, and McWilliam’s have a prestigious history of fortified wine mastery over six generations. This new release innovatively blends fortified wine with different spirits to add a unique character and smooth finish to the wine. This label design is a nod to the past and has drawn inspiration from previous McWilliam’s ‘MAX’ Brandy label elements. It combines style and sophistication using intricate patterns, fine detail and gold foil embellishments highlighting the key elements of the design.

“Woodscannon created this impactful label in response to the brief. They aimed to convey the elegant craft of spirit infusion while referencing vintage spirit labels in the complex patterned framework of the design. Multi-Color again produced a high quality print job and the level of detail held in the foil is outstanding.”  Amy Hodgson, McWilliam’s Brand & Range Development Manager

Design:  Woodscannon   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Woodscannon

Printer: Multi-Color Australia



Design:  Anthony Lane Design   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Anthony Lane Design

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

This wine is part of an historical procession that began in 1694, when French Huguenot settler Jean Roi was granted the estate in the Drakenstein Valley. For the maiden release of Jean Roi Rosé, which is made in the same dry style as the rosés of Provence, Anthonij Rupert Wyne approached Multi-Color for advice to ensure best label outcomes. The luxurious, waterproof satin cloth substrate and rich bronze foil communicates just the right message as part of this elegant presentation.

“We’ve launched the Jean Roi Rose and are very excited about the packaging...! It’s had excellent write-ups. We are super proud!” Bernadette Coetzer, Production & Logistics Manager, Anthonij Rupert Wyne



Tierra Noble’s Exquisito is the most refined tequila produced by Premium de Jalisco. This Extra Anejo tequila acquires its unique flavor by aging in American and French new oak barrels for 3 to 5 years. The design team combined warmth, art and luxury in creating the label, balancing the many fine details on a background texture.

“Multi-Color’s technique to present the label paper as an artist’s canvas precisely reflected the artisanal spirit of our tequila. MultiColor clearly understood the effect and the perception we wanted to create on the shelf to satisfy the expectations of our most demanding customers.” Raúl Herrera, CEO and founder of Premium de Jalisco

Design:  Rodolfo Morfin   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Rodolfo Morfin

Printer: Multi-Color Napa



Design:  Jamshop   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Jamshop

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Ambrosian is a derivative of the word ‘Ambrosial’ meaning ‘exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell; especially delicious or fragrant.’ The Asian inspired flavours infused into this gin are quite unique, and the vibrant rear label displayed through the clarity of the gin is a visual representation of the flavours within. The front label printed on Killer White uncoated paper features both matt and gloss high build screens, however it is the stunning back label that that makes Ambrosian such an eye catching and appealing package.

The logo design uses a font that was inspired by 18th and 19th century graphics and lettering. The symbol above the name has been created from a pentagon, the five sides representing fire, air, water, earth and spirit. This reflects the provenance and terroir of the product.



Roederer Estate Brut is the first California sparkling wine to be produced by Champagne Louis Roederer, further building upon a 200- year tradition of fine winemaking from this family winemaker.

“Great craftsmanship and attention to every detail, the Multi-Color team can respond to the challenges of tight deadlines and the elaboration of new projects with great professionalism. They work very well with our designers, and it is always satisfying to watch them persevere and succeed.” Julien Miclette, Production Manager, Roederer Estate

Design:  Xavier Barlier   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Xavier Barlier

Printer: Multi-Color Napa



Design:  CookChick   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: CookChick

Printer: Multi-Color England

“Thatchers Family Reserve is a very special product as the original recipe came from our founder, William Thatcher, four generations ago. As an English sparkling wine, it is a unique proposition and a very premium offering, and the packaging needed to reflect this,” said Matt Heal of Thatchers.

The fine, delicate nature of Family Reserve is mirrored in the labels, with the intricacy of the golden foil apple illustration and embossed detail on the premium uncoated paper. “CookChick’s approach highlights Thatchers four generations by focusing on a family tree concept. This story begins on the neck label with an apple tree illustration and weaves through the main label. A single golden apple illustration by the late great Geoffrey Appleton creates the focus of the label. This elegant design reflects this Classic Cuvee; a great combination of depth, delicacy and attention to detail,” said Lee Cook at CookChick.

The printing and finishing was crucial to the success of the design, with the foil and emboss working together to create the perfect contrast between illustration and branding.



There have been seven Jesuit winemakers since Sevenhill Cellars was established in the Clare Valley in 1851. The Seven Brothers’ Old-Vine Shiraz honours the Brothers’ contribution to Sevenhill’s foundation and winemaking heritage. The pinnacle of the Sevenhill portfolio, Seven Brothers is produced from just 17 rows of Shiraz planted over 150 years ago.

The design inspiration references the great ecclesiastical tradition of ‘illuminating’ manuscripts – the centuries-old practice of crafting ornate detail from the gothic lettering of early, handmade printing. On a canvas of heavy cotton uncoated paper, gold foil, gold screen and fine emboss combine to deliver a label that commemorates a legacy of heritage and tradition.

The label’s striking gold icon is significant to Sevenhill – it reflects the handcrafted typography of the Missal Romanum, produced by the renowned European art printer Henry Reiss in 1872. The book, gifted to Sevenhill’s Jesuit community, is displayed in the Sevenhill College.

Design:  Tucker Creative   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Tucker Creative

Printer: Multi-Color Australia



Design:  Whitespace Creative   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Whitespace Creative

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

Riding the crest of a wave that is the current craft gin trend is A Mari, meaning ‘from the sea.’ A combination of unique Cape coastal botanicals is used in crafting a small-batch gin that is then distilled through a process utilising Atlantic seawater. The die-cut of the label reflects the inspiration drawn from the ocean, while the simple combination of deep blue colour and copper foil, carried on heavyweight cotton fibre stock, draws together the contemporary visual aesthetic.

“A great idea from the client, interpreted and designed by ourselves, supported by a printer that is more than willing to collaborate and make great designs look fabulous.” Tania Harrison, Managing Member, Whitespace Creative



This is the first offering from a new community distillery on the Isle of Harris. The packaging and bespoke glass design is influenced by the people, the place (rugged and dramatic), and the tweed, and reflects the subtle colours of the landscape.

“We spent time perfecting the glass bottle structure and of course we wanted the best possible printed labels to match. Our design intent was to have a unique custom label on each bottle by printing onto hand-produced paper with built in sea kelp and botanicals. We worked with Multi-Color England to recreate this design intent as a viable commercial print run,” said Mark Payton of Stranger and Stranger.

Stranger and Stranger created 50 different backgrounds which were over-printed with metallics and varnish to recreate the effect of small flecks of sea kelp within the label.

“It all worked perfectly thanks to Multi-Color England’s attention to detail and experience in using ink technologies.” Mark Payton, Stranger and Stranger

Design:  Stranger and Stranger   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Stranger and Stranger

Printer: Multi-Color England



Design:  Flint Design Co.   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Flint Design Co.

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

The new Smith & Perry label features bright red and berry-colored letters atop a historic map of the Oregon Territory, showing where Smith & Perry wine is produced today. Digital printing was selected, based on infinite color possibilities and the convenience of approving labels remotely via the production proofing process.

“For the Smith & Perry label, it was important to highlight the vintage Oregon map without overpowering the word mark’s bright, modern pop of color. The background color, burnished edges and paper texture work together to give the map an authentic, warm quality, helping to convey the pioneering spirit of the brand. Printing the labels digitally allows a wide range of colors for the map background, and finishing with emboss and spot gloss ensures the brand name pops for the perfect shelf presence.”  Catherine Healy, Owner/Creative Director Flint Design Co.



Falia embraces life in every moment: it starts an aperitivo and then transforms into a wine for the whole meal, matching both traditional and innovative cuisine. From Vienna to London, this wine is present in new trendy cocktails bringing people together. It’s no surprise that the symbol of Falia is a spark, inspired by visionary artists like Matisse, Mirò, Calder, the expression of an authentic desire to live life to the fullest embracing a creativity that is empowered in Falia.

Multi-Color Italy has been able to interpret the symbolism behind Falia with a label characterised by various levels of embossing and bold screen printing, plus a tailored deboss that personalises the texture of the paper.

“I am pleased with Multi-Color’s management of the technical development carried out with the agency, in particular the graphic rendering of the various levels of emboss and deboss characterising the label.” Roberto Comina, General Manager, Salvaterra

Design:  Luca Rebesani  Comunication Partner   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Luca Rebesani

Comunication Partner

Printer: Multi-Color Italy



Design:  Parallax Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Parallax Design

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Lambrook is owned by Adam and Brooke Lampit, and their partnership is reflected in the brand identity the linked ‘O’s of their brand, describing the commitment to each other, their growers and wines.

The label has been designed around the unique flora of the Adelaide Hills. Black and white photography of seeds, plants and flowers found growing around the vineyards are a backdrop to the word mark, visually describing where the wines come from. Heavy weight uncoated paper is the canvas for these botanical images, the logo dressed with gold foil and brought to prominence with a sculptured emboss. A beautiful example of classic simplicity.

“After sourcing native plants found growing around these vineyards, we commissioned Steve McCawley to capture them in a beautiful black and white series. These art images are used as a backdrop to the wordmark on labels designed to be as elegant as the wine held within.” Matthew Remphrey, Parallax Design.

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