Brand News December 2016

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Introducing our quarterly release of Brand News, showcasing Multi-Color Labels from around the world.

AC/DC Thunderstruck by Worldwide Beverage Imports

California, USA

AC/DC is an iconic, hard-driving rock band with a devoted fan base. The strategy behind the tequila brand was to appeal to the core fan base while also reaching a wider audience of premium tequila drinkers through an ideal balance of AC/DC tribute details and authentic premium tequila references. “We started by distilling the raw power of AC/DC into a pure, authentic design that captured the identity of the band. To reflect the premium quality of the tequila we applied classic Agave motifs and design elements paying homage to tequila’s Mexican heritage, including folk art and sugar skulls. The tequila is handcrafted, so we approached the typography and illustration with the same painstaking attention to detail. We relied on Multi-Color’s extensive background to bring our label to life. They did not shy away from any of the challenges we threw their way, and they delivered on helping produce a beautifully intricate label,” said John Turcios.

“Our designer was very particular with the process and label manufacturer that we used. Multi-Color laid out the red carpet and did an excellent job with our labels. Mission accomplished.” Joe Belli, VP of Sales, Worldwide Beverage Imports

Design:  John Turcios   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: John Turcios

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

Mythology by Penley Estate Coonawarra

South Australia

Design:  Parallax Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Parallax Design

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

“The process to refresh the Penley Estate brand was a mixture of adventure and fear. Communicating our story and history without going ‘ye olde world’ was the challenge for Parallax, and then that of Multi-Color to execute,” said Erin Fields of Penley Estate. The bold use of gold foil on Killer White uncoated paper is the label’s statement piece, with emboss and high build screen delivering additional tactility and visual definition.

“The final design is amazing; the logo representing the sun is more contemporary, and the imagery for each of the wines bold and confident. All designs evolved from our Phoenix Cabernet, a perfect place to start our rebirth, rising from the ashes of history, to be reborn,” said Erin.

KWV Cruxland Gin

Paarl, South Africa

The mysterious Kalahari truffle was long considered a valuable food source by the desert-dwelling Khoisan people. KWV’s master distillers knew the truffle’s earthy flavours could add something special to a distinctively South African botanical gin. The pack design tells the story of the botanicals and the Kalahari truffle in a simple and effective manner. The brand name is elevated with high-build screen and key graphics are presented in gold foil, while a debossed grain adds depth. The atypical dark bottle with its leather collar together with the authentic label resulted in a striking final package.

“Cruxland has become a passion project for all involved at KWV, and it’s great to see our passion reflected by our supplier. Everything came together to result in a very attractive and recognisable product.” Angie Jacobs, Brand Manager, Digital and Premium Spirits

Design:  Bravo Design  Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Bravo Design Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

Amaro33 by Distilleria Andrea da Ponte S.P.A.

Corbanese di Tarzo (TV), Italy

Design:  YG Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: YG Design

Printer: Multi-Color Italy

The Amaro33 is a fine aged Grappa di Prosecco, presented as an innovative and anti-conformist liqueur, able to tie the traditional pleasure of Amaro with a young and adventurous audience. Presented in a new elegant bottle, the label features a unique glow in the dark design, with a background screen printed ‘33’ coming to life when the lights are dimmed.

“The Amaro33 design has been realized in collaboration with YG Design, to present the classic bitter in a modern and attractive way. Through this collaboration the idea of the ‘glow in the dark’ label was born and Multi-Color Italy has been able to create a label with technical and quality perfection. The result is that by day, we have a vibrant, modern package that provides the philosophy behind our product. At night, the Amaro33 turns into the star of the evenings, thanks to its large ‘33’ that glows in the dark!” Francesco Fabris, Owner and Christian Kokkinomagoulos, Marketing Manager

Arkenstone Vineyards

Napa Valley, California, USA

Arkenstone is a family winery located on Howell Mountain in Napa Valley. What makes this production special is its unique mountain terrain. The winery wanted a label that reflected the elegance of the wines and the understated natural beauty of the land. One key feature on the label is a sketch of an oak tree that sits right above the lowest vineyard. First drawn by Susan Krausz and adapted for the label, this is one of the key components that ties the label to the land.

“Working with Multi-Color we have been able to print our label in such a way that makes every little detail really jump off the paper including the tree. This is the first time I have ever experienced such clean embossing and printing from any label printer. The clean lines and perfect execution of every little nuance is nothing shy of impressive.” Jake Krausz, Estate Director

Design:  Co Partnership /  Arkenstone Icon Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Co Partnership /

Arkenstone Icon Design

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

Pickering’s Oak Aged Gin


Design:  Story UK   Printer:  Multi-Color Scotland

Design: Story UK

Printer: Multi-Color Scotland

Based at Summerhall Distillery in Edinburgh, Pickering’s Gin has created a special marriage between two of Scotland’s bestloved spirits, by ageing its award-winning gin in five Scotch malt whisky casks from Islay, Speyside, the Lowlands, Islands and the Highlands. This is the first time a gin distillery has launched a collection of five oak aged gins. The gin is aged in one cask from each of the five regions at a time. Each cask yields just 200 bottles of 47% ABV oak aged gin.

“When producing our most exclusive and premium product we required a beautiful label. We looked to Multi-Color to supply us with the detailed, multi process label that would finish the product perfectly. They were a pleasure to deal with and were able to turn round the product and overcome the challenges in a short timescale to meet our tight launch date.” Matthew Gammell, Co Founder and Head Distiller

Fairview Estate Stone Town

Paarl, South Africa

Long before today, brave mariners rounded the African Cape in search of exotic spices, of which many were traded in the medieval Arabic settlement in Zanzibar, known as Stone Town. Inspired by the distinctive Zanzibari architecture, the labels for Stone Town are replete with arabesque flourishes and influences. The textured background is rendered on Killer White™ uncoated paper, while gently debossed areas recall the intricate stone carvings typical of these historic buildings.

“As we have found before with Multi-Color, it’s an absolute pleasure to work with people who have the desire and ability to enhance our designs.” Victoria Jane Peter, Designer

Design:  Jane Says   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Jane Says

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

Hellyers Road Distillery

Tasmania, Australia

Design:  Clemenger   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Clemenger

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Hellyers Road Distillery is Australia’s largest boutique whisky distillery, located in pristine dairy-farming country on the outskirts of Burnie in Tasmania. The Hellyers Road Brand is leveraged from the exploits of explorer and surveyor Henry Hellyer, who in the early 1800’s discovered and charted much of the rugged northwest region of Tasmania. His tenacious spirit and thirst for adventure are the inspiration behind these beautifully crafted single malt whiskies from the Island State of Tasmania. Henry Hellyer’s significant legacy is poignantly captured on all of the company’s whisky labelling and packaging.

“Multi-Color’s printing excellence and keen eye for detail had added a new dimension to the distillery’s brand visuals. Through the design skills of Clemenger Tasmania and the printing nous of Multi-Color we have developed a family of labels for our whiskies that we are extremely proud of.” Don Jennings, Communications Manager

Merlet Cognac XO

Cognac, France

The Merlet family have been producers of fine cognac dating back to 1850. The Merlet XO cognac is the quintessential classic for lovers of old eaux-devie (water of life.) Produced by Gilles Merlet and his two sons Pierre and Luc, this blend of very old cognacs complements the existing VS and VSOP range.

The packaging remains true to the Merlet brand cues, with a stunning leather look label printed on uncoated paper, adorned with embossed foil detail and textured with grain emboss, clearly stating the exceptional character of this special blend.

Printer:  Multi-Color France

Printer: Multi-Color France

Ca’ Momi

Napa Valley, California, USA

Design:  In-House Design Team   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: In-House Design Team

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

Ca’ Momi Winery is debuting a striking modern label design for its heart-crafted Napa Valley varietal wines to align with its ‘New Napa’ aesthetic and philosophy of authentic, zero-pretension wines. The winery’s 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon was the first varietal to hit wine lists and retail shelves nationally with the new label in April.

The label is finely textured with an embossed silver foil word mark and additional intricate emboss, deboss and varnish details. For continuity and to convey a sense of place, the Ca’ Momi house and vineyard illustration from the previous label appears, blending subtly into the label’s background.

“In Italy, wine is always on the table. It’s an everyday product to be enjoyed, not something to be put on a pedestal. We wanted a fresh, artful design to authentically reflect our modern aesthetic and winery ideals. Multi-Color partnered with us and recommended printing and embossing methods that helped add the finishing touches to the package.” Valentina Guolo-Migotto

Shottesbrooke The Engine Room

McLaren Vale, South Australia

Shottesbrooke’s head winemaker, Hamish Maguire felt the urge to produce a range of wines slightly left of field; somewhat of a creative outlet. The Engine Room is a pure product of imagination and a willingness to be different; creations from pondered moments, pressing times and late nights. Based on the theory that great wine doesn’t just create itself; it’s the inspirations; the state of mind; the process. The branding’s intention is to represent these notions – making you appreciate every single cog that turned in its process.

Each label features a different array of illustrations, abstractly representing the wine itself. Digital print on textured uncoated paper with silver foil brings these vibrant images to life. The rest of the branding is quite understated to allow the illustrations to shine. The constant element within the brand’s artwork is the gentleman at the top (Hamish) smoking his pipe – depicting his focused moments that bring the wine that is before you.

Design:  David Byerlee   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: David Byerlee

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

7.0 by Mazzetti D’Altavilla s.r.l.

Altavilla Monferrato (AL), Italy

Design:  Studio Grafico Leader  Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Studio Grafico Leader Printer: Multi-Color Italy

Grappa 7.0 is a modern concept of Italian Distillate, produced by Mazzetti d’Altavilla - distillers since 1846 and the most historic distillery in the North-West of Italy with 170 years of uninterrupted production. Created to appeal to new generations and new audiences, and introduce tasters into the magic universe of Piedmontese Grappas, through the scents of the rare Piedmontese Ruchè vine, with a package that combines tradition and innovation.

“What are the meanings of the 7.0, well-expressed in the peculiar label masterfully created by Multi-Color Italy? Seven are the municipalities where the ancient Ruchè wine is produced, seven the generations of Mazzetti ‘Distillers from 1846’, that have been continuing the art of distillation, in the heart of Monferrato Unesco Hills. 0 are the kilometers that the fresh pomaces have to run to reach the Distillery, 0 the environmental impact (the company is a ‘Green Inside’ Distillery)”. Silvia Belvedere Mazzetti; Sales Manager Mazzetti d’Altavilla and Elisa Belvedere Mazzetti; Communication Manager Mazzetti d’Altavilla

Cù Bòcan by The Tomatin Distillery


Cù Bòcan is a mythical hellhound who has stalked the residents of the remote Highland village of Tomatin for centuries. The legend of Cù Bòcan lives on in this Single Malt Whisky, which features a vibrant depiction of the beast.

“We were clear right from the beginning of the development process that we wanted to separate our peated Cù Bòcan release from the existing Tomatin brand so as not to confuse our existing customers. This allowed us to push the boundaries and experiment with a more contemporary design,” said Jennifer Masson, Marketing Manager at The Tomatin Distillery. The combination of green foil and green ink lifts the image with vibrancy and a sense of dimension. The finish on the black background is ultra matt to allow the label to blend seamlessly into the bottle.

“We are delighted with the result; top quality and striking, reflective of the whisky contained within. The brand’s success has surpassed all expectations and we look forward to its forecasted growth with further batches and limited editions.” Jennifer Masson

Design:  Pocket Rocket   Printer:  Multi-Color Scotland

Design: Pocket Rocket

Printer: Multi-Color Scotland

St Leger Wine Series

Constantia, South Africa

Design:  Luisa Rheinlander, Manifesto Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Luisa Rheinlander, Manifesto Design

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

St Leger is a premium wine brand located in South Africa’s Constantia. Wine from this region was particularly popular with royal courts in the eighteenth century, and the design drew reference from old wine labels to pay homage to the heritage of the region. St Leger sought out Perth based Manifesto Design to develop the label concept. Labels were produced by Multi-Color Perth - a true global solution.

Each label has its own illustration, created with subtle quirks to reflect the humour of the owner and intertwined with references to wine, the eighteen hundreds and South Africa. Napoleon (a reputed lover of Constantia wine) happily dances upon a zebroid (a horse crossed with a zebra); a balancing act teeters upon an African drum. Each performance requires considerable skill, balance and risk - much like the craft of wine making.

Bodegas Marques de Riscal

Rioja, Spain

Herederos del Marques de Riscal is the oldest winery in the D.O. Rioja, founded in 1858, and was the first non-French wine to win the Diplome d’Honour at Bordeaux Expo in 1895. Multi-Color Spain commenced the supply relationship in early 2016 with trial order from our Haro plant a short distance from the winery, and are now very proud to be the main label supplier to Herederos del Marques de Riscal.

“We have been working with Multi-Color Spain since beginning 2016, after we switched to pressure sensitive labels in early 2015. I have to say that we are extremely happy with the team. There are many printers in the area but Multi-Color’s capability to solve any problem, their quality printing and the superb service they provide is key to developing our relationship. We recently launched a new wine for a special customer and everything went perfectly.” Juan Luis Taboada, Winery Technical Manager

Design:  Design Bridge, London   Printer:  Multi-Color Spain

Design: Design Bridge, London

Printer: Multi-Color Spain

The Macallan Double Cask 12YO


Design:  Brand Image   Printer:  Multi-Color Scotland

Design: Brand Image

Printer: Multi-Color Scotland

The Macallan Distillers Limited has globally launched The Macallan Double Cask 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Printed on a textured uncoated paper, the use of gold foil, spot gloss varnish and tactile varnishes on key areas highlight the brand identity, delivering strong visual elements and shelf presence.

“We worked closely with Multi-Color from the beginning of this project. Their advice on finishes on the substrate and colour matching to achieve the premium cues and desired stand out of the key elements was invaluable. The end result is a stunning label set for the new The Macallan Double Cask 12 Year old.” Kirsteen Beeston, Senior Brand Manager for The Macallan.


Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

The people at Mandala Wines are family driven and passionate about the Yarra Valley’s ability to produce fantastic wine. The family ‘Mandala’ range symbolizes these ideals. The circle depicted as central to the label’s identity signifies the elements that comprise what is important in life and the quest to achieve balance. The mandala draws the viewer into its centre; it represents Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, North, South, East, West. It also represents the area’s geography, and the dreams, passions and visions of the family and their desire to nurture and educate the next generation.

Printed on Killer White™ matte uncoated paper, the label features silver foil with delicate and detailed overprinting, combining beautifully with a high build screen grain.

“The Mandala Pinot Noir is a stunning label which showcases the use of overprinted foil. The variety grows beautifully in the Yarra Valley and is a favourite of the family.” Charles Smedley, Mandala Wines

Design:  Stokes Street Studio   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Stokes Street Studio

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Lambert Estate The Family Tree

Barossa, South Australia

Design:  Brighter   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Brighter

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

When Jim Lambert’s business travels brought him to Australia from the USA in the 1990’s, he realised his love of wine and beautiful places could mark out a new future for him and his wife Pam. This dream was realised when they discovered the vineyards in the Barossa hills that would become Lambert Estate. The Family Tree is the wine that started it all; the foundation. “We planted our roots in this beautiful valley in the heart of Australia, with the sole purpose of making outstanding wines. This Shiraz is the hallmark of our efforts.”

Brighter developed a new approach for an existing story line, employing a classic design with a distinctive nod to the past. To emulate gold and silver coins, a combination of embossing and overprinting gave the right amount of depth to accentuate the custom illustration for each variety.

LangeTwins by Lange Twins Family Vineyard and Winery

Lodi, California

“The LangeTwins brand celebrates our family story which begins with my great-great grandparents starting a watermelon farm in the Lodi region in the late 1800s. Today, our roots are still farming, with our focus on wine grapes.

With our family name as the heart of the packaging, the LangeTwins brand is our flagship-heritage brand. This means the label has to meet many standards, and Multi-Color understands this. Throughout the whole process, the Multi-Color team brought to the table details, processes, and options that were aligned with the direction we wanted to go, and their being in sync with the inspiration behind our brand, we achieved an updated label design that our family is proud of.” Kendra Altnow Lange.

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with Multi-Color’s Napa team to execute this label redesign. Their team was willing to take on the challenge for the vision of this design and they really went the extra mile for us and the client. We are extremely happy with the results.” Jessica Wong, Art Director/Senior Designer at Nagy Design

Design:  Nagy Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Nagy Design

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

MCC Napa