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Design:  Heather DeLong   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Heather DeLong

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

Ex Post Facto is a legal term regarding the changing of a law or regulation after the fact. This name encapsulates winemaker Greg Brewer pushing beyond the focused Sta. Rita Hills Burgundian Brewer-Clifton paradigm that he has established over the last 20 years, to work on a new Rhone project from Santa Barbara County. The label for this project was inspired by the keys of an old Remington portable typewriter Greg’s mother used for the legal cases she was working on while he was growing up.

“Multi-Color Napa brought this label to life through the creation of an image that looks as though it should be metal plated typewriter keys, but is in fact, an intricate design of paper, ink and embossed foil. It is stark and beautiful in its simplicity of form.” Page Stoup, Associate Brand Manager, Jackson Family Wines



Design:  Xavier Bas Disseny (Barcelona)   Printer:  Multi-Color Spain

Design: Xavier Bas Disseny (Barcelona)

Printer: Multi-Color Spain

Viñas del Vero, a property of Gonzalez Byass wine family is located in the heart of the Pyrenees. This region, Somontano is famous in Spain for their white wines mainly produced with Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer varieties. Secastilla Terroir has been able to position a Somontano red wine between the best Spanish red wines of any other region.

“We decided to allocate this brand to Multi-Color Spain during a printing session at Haro plant. The Multi-Color team suggested the use of Avery Fibers Look paper for our project due to the artisanal and delicate importance of the project that we were thinking of. Finally, we chose it for the Secastilla’s new image. We are all so very happy with the final result.” Cristina Garcia Menéndez, Global Marketing Manager at Gonzalez Byass

“We had never worked together with Multi-Color Spain before. Our original Secastilla briefing was combining hot foil and screen but Multi-Color suggested to skip the screen and change it by a second foil overprinted in 2 colours due to the complexity of the substrate. Their advice was key to the success of the project.” Miquel Capo, Xavier Bas Disseny



Design:  Denomination   Printer:  Mult-Color Australia

Design: Denomination

Printer: Mult-Color Australia

Seppeltsfield has released its inaugural still wine range, celebrating a 167-year homecoming for the historic brand. Seppeltsfield is already known internationally for its treasure trove of fortified wines and its dynamic tourism village. The release of Seppeltsfield Barossa still wines however is being celebrated as ‘the final brushstroke on a beautiful canvas’ by proprietor, Warren Randall.

The striking azure blue label by Sydney designer Denomination draws on cues from Seppeltsfield’s past, from the distinctive shape, to the reinstatement of the estate’s original 1877 registered trademark – the crown and star. The initials W.R. a nod to the present custodian.



Printer:  Multi-Color Scotland

Printer: Multi-Color Scotland

Beinn An Tuirc launched in 2017, the distillery aims to be Scotland’s most sustainable and community focused spirit producer, drawing energy from the local hydro scheme, offsetting carbon emissions by planting trees and investing in local charities that support local enterprise.

Kintyre Gin uses 12 botanicals in its core expression, Kintyre Gin, which have all been sustainably sourced. Producing a gin which the expert tasting panel described as having earthy and spicy characteristics, being deep in flavour, with a very pleasant floral aroma. A true taste of Kintyre!

Having worked with Multi-Color Scotland for the main label it was the perfect time to bring them in again to work on the Kintyre Pink Gin label. Focusing on the background of the label which features geographical contour shapes, Multi-Color Scotland managed to contrast a dark charcoal background with the contour shapes highlighted in a gloss tactile varnish. The label is further enhanced with bold copper foil elements to really add some life to the label.



Design:  Stefania Coppini  Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Stefania Coppini Printer: Multi-Color Italy

On May 26th 2018, the award ceremony of the 6th edition of the Mediterranean Packaging Award was held at Castellammare del Golfo (Sicily). This Award aims to enhance and reward the commitment of those Italian and foreign companies, with particular reference to the Mediterranean Basin, that invest in improving the image of their product. Among the winners, there was the Ti Cuntu label of the Vini Mortilla company.

“Ti Cuntu is a special label which recalls the most characteristic and significant symbols of southeastern Sicily. Thanks to our designer Stefania Coppini and her staff at Multi-Color Italy, in the label was possible to realize a relief effect of the dry stone wall - a symbol of the Iblei Mountains and the province of Ragusa - which really and optically divides the Ragusan countryside. In the background, we find the vineyards with a reference to the symbol of excellence of Sicily, Mount Etna and Chiaramonte Gulfi. In the foreground, a bush of wild myrtle recalls the ancient production area of the Mortilla cellar.” Valentina Nicosia, Owner of the Vini Mortilla Company



Design:  Drinksology   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Drinksology

Printer: Multi-Color England

Dead Rabbit have partnered up with the Dublin Liberties Distillery to produce an Irish whiskey. Created by Darryl McNally master distiller of the Dublin Liberties Distillery, part of quintessential brands group, in partnership with Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, co-founders of the Dead Rabbit bar in New York.

Multi-Color England have worked with Dublin Liberties Distilleries before with the Liberties Irish Whiskey Brand, so it was the perfect fit when Drinksology approached them to produce a new Whiskey Label for the Dead Rabbit Bar in New York. Working with multiple greys to create layers within the design for the ultimate control over the Whiskey label, adding high build screen for a tactile finish, really makes the label feel great in the hand. Included is a Resin label to the recess of the glass, using emboss to shape the foil gives great standout on shelf.

“As part of the design process and a nod to the original 1850’s Dead Rabbit Gang in New York, Drinksology created a label that embodies ‘a measure of attitude’. This measure of attitude extends to MultiColour England with their continued desire to push boundaries to secure the very best finishes and materials. The tonal contrast of greys and blacks was an area that posed a particular challenge, one that was met with the usual attention to perfection.” Richard Ryan, Drinksology



Design:  Jeffrey Caldeway   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Jeffrey Caldeway

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

The inspiration for the MAXEM brand was to create a tribute to the Caplan children, Max and Emma, which in Latin translates to: best of the best. The logo plays off the X in MAXEM, using it as a strong foundation while the circles represent the family’s fingerprints.

This label’s simple, elegant look is achieved through using a sculpted emboss over foil for the logo as well as a high gloss varnish over the brand name.

“Our label has a clean, simplistic feel and it stands out across a room, which was incredibly important to us. Multi-Color Napa was really able to make the color, foil and texture shine through while keeping the lines refined and elegant. Going through this process and printing with Multi-Color Napa has been incredibly smooth and we couldn’t be happier with our label!” Sam and Nancy Caplan



Design:  Makers & Allies   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Makers & Allies

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

The Strange family, a blended family of seven, believed that no challenge is insurmountable and worked to turn a once abandoned vineyard into a source of exceptional grapes. The eagle on their label is a symbol of their son, brother, hero, and the source of their inspiration, Johnny Strange.

The Strange7 label uses black foil to create the mountain, with a sculpted emboss defining the highlights. This subtle effect allows the embossed, gold foil eagle to be the focal point of the label. A unique die cut pulls the labels together by pairing the bottom edge of the strip label to the top edge of the bottom label.

“Working with Multi-Color Napa was a dream. They were timely and professional, going above and beyond in getting the mountains and snow just right, showing dedication and talent on every label version until we were a satisfied client. We are so grateful to Multi-Color Napa for their work in bringing our wine bottles to life.” Brian Strange, Owner



Design:  CookChick   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: CookChick

Printer: Multi-Color England

Ridgeview, one of the first wineries dedicated to the production of English Sparkling Wine, has led the way for over 20 years in the national and international development of English Sparkling Wine.

Currently production has increased to more than a quarter of a million bottles and Ridgeview is sold across the world. Ridgeview has celebrated some amazing accomplishments in their relatively short history, culminating in the trophy for ‘Best Sparkling Wine in the World, Decanter 2010’. Ridgeview exports their English Sparkling Wines to countries including the USA, Scandinavia and Japan. Ridgeview Wines are now proudly served at Buckingham Palace State Banquets and No. 10 Downing Street.

Multi-Color England have worked with Ridgeview and CookChick for many years and completed countless successful projects in the past, it was a perfect fit for this project that required the attention to detail and quality of finish needed to make this project really come to life.

“Multi-Color Labels have printed our labels for the past 7 years. They played a pivotal part in our recent re-brand, working closely with CookChick, giving sound practical advice and making excellent recommendations. They are a fantastic print partner providing excellent customer service and always manage to achieve our deadlines no matter how tight they can sometimes be!” Ridgeview Wine



In the latest offering of Rabelais, the iconic red wine blend from Thelema Mountain Vineyards, the packaging was refreshed with an inspired classically-themed label. Since this wine’s maiden vintage a decade ago, Rabelais has gained recognition as one of Stellenbosch’s flagship Bordeaux-inspired wines, representing the finest fruit selection and terroir expression from this venerable estate. The classical themes of the packaging are communicated with gravitas through heavyweight cotton-fibre stock carrying detailed debossing and a vividly foiled title.

“It is very seldom that you work with people that you can entirely trust to give you the best result on a product. Multi-Color South Africa are those people.” Inga Rix, Brand Manager, Thelema Mountain Vineyards

Design:  Sumi Creative Co.   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Sumi Creative Co.

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa



Design:  In-House   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: In-House

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Ours is a story of unions formed through separations, shared visions stretched across oceans with the ambition of making wines that express a different spectrum of what the best Australian terroir and classic Australian grapes can deliver.

We needed a labeler that echoed our voracious hunger for producing wines with texture, elegance and an avant-garde feel. Simple in concept, our labels reflect the essence of our wines, textural, tactile, natural and with an artistic flair. The linen labels, natural in texture and warm tone complemented perfectly the unique personality of Vanguardist Wines



The Twelve Keys Gin label is a treat for the eyes, with rich, deep blue uncoated paper, gold hot foiling, and fine emboss lines. Every embellishment is executed flawlessly to the highest standards Multi-Color England can achieve so it is the absolute perfect version it can be.

“We are very new to the industry, and Multi-Color England were recommended to us as the printers of choice by our London based branding and design agency. Multi-Color not only have an impressive and prestigious client list but a stunning portfolio of work, which gave great personal comfort that we’d come to the right place.

Although our volumes are low, Multi-Color England worked with us throughout our project as if we were a far more established client placing substantially larger order volumes; an essential level of client-focused care for new entrants which develops both trust and strong professional relationships.

We are at the very beginning of our journey, but could not have better print partners in Multi-Color. An essential and welcoming level of client-focused care for new entrants which develops both trust and strong professional relationships.” Matthew Clifford, Founder

Design:  Stranger and Stranger   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Stranger and Stranger

Printer: Multi-Color England



Design:  Elmbank Creative   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Elmbank Creative

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Silken Beastie Shiraz captures the real beauty of the Barossa Valley. Drawing on fruit from Ebenezer, Kalimna and Koonunga regions of north west Barossa, we pick low yielding fruit on the way up rather than the way down. Wild, partial whole bunch ferments, gentle extraction and sensitive use of oak have resulted in a wine that is both complex and concentrated yet pleasingly light on its feet.

Designed by Elmbank Creative and proudly printed by the team at Multi-Color Australia, the Silken Beasite label is a multiple award winner, recently winning Best in Show at the FPLMA Awards.



The Perlugo wine is made from Verdicchio di Pievalta grapes; the first Demeter certified winery in the Marche region, and with the experience of Barone Pizzini in Franciacorta. The grapes come from the vineyards of Maiolati Spontini, where calcareous clay soils give minerality and fruity freshness. A Zero Dosage is performed to express the tradition of the territory in a sincere and direct way.

The dynamization phase of the water, according to the process developed by Rudolf Steiner, is at the base of the graphic project realized for Perlugo. In particular, rotary movements in clockwise and counterclockwise directions are reproduced on the label through a double vortex that also recalls the two main preparations of biodynamic cultivation: the cow manure horn and the silica horn.

The graphic structure is also harmonized with the characteristic duality of the Perlugo name, whose logo consists of two parts. In the new style, the number of colours is reduced to a minimum, while the thin wooden sheet transmits even more strongly the natural aspect and craftsmanship of this product.

“The new Perlugo label was printed by Multi-Color Italy with great attention to detail, obtaining an excellent result and maintaining the natural appearance sought.” Marta Piovani, Barone Pizzini

Design:  SGA   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: SGA

Printer: Multi-Color Italy



Design:  Bill Owen   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Bill Owen

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

In redesigning their label, Tsillan Cellars wanted to showcase their elegant gold logo which speaks to the Italian heritage and theme of their winery and restaurant. This was accomplished through using a matte foil with a sculpted emboss to make the column pop. Digitally printed, the subtle image of the statue and torn edges complete the authentic mood.

“This was the first label redesign our winery had done in 14 years and we knew this was going to be a big project. Working with Multi-Color Napa made the entire process so much easier than we anticipated. Their open line of communication and customer service made working with them very enjoyable. Multi-Color Napa was helpful in every aspect possible and we can’t wait to work on future projects with them.” Jamie Dowell, Marketing Director



Caviro, the leading Italian producer by volume of daily wine, launched the Tavernello brand in 1983, the first wine in brik on the tables of Italians and currently the first wine brand in Italy. In 2010, thanks to Caviro’s experience, Tavernello Bianco and Rosato were produced in the traditional glass format for the first time.

“At the base of the search for a new image for the Tavernello Frizzante labels, there is the desire to express the Italian quality. A new modern logo has been created that communicates freshness; the bottom of the label has been made pearly and lively with the use of a particular paint and finally in the graphics stands out a cascade of sparkling bubbles enhanced by meticulous hot stamping process, all made possible thanks to the collaboration with Multi-Color Italy.” Caviro Marketing Department

Design:  Motherland   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Motherland

Printer: Multi-Color Italy

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