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Yalumba, Australia’s oldest family owned winery, has just launched a wine 168 years in the making - The Caley Coonawarra & Barossa Cabernet & Shiraz. The wine has been named in honour of Fred Caley Smith, grandson of Yalumba’s founder Samuel Smith. Fred was a horticulturist who had a profound impact on the development of Yalumba’s vineyards.

“The Caley is the pinnacle of a long winemaking journey seeking excellence - a ‘super-claret’ that rightfully honours one of Yalumba’s most adventurous sons,” said vigneron Robert Hill-Smith. The stunning sculptured embossed crest is the centre piece of this label, with meticulously executed silver foil overprint. An additional gun metal foil, de-boss, high build screen and seven colours on uncoated textured paper creates a stunning label that speaks of quality and rarity.

“I am thrilled with the labels - they look absolutely sensational and totally fulfill the flagship positioning for Yalumba. We knew that Multi-Color would do a beautiful job and you have seriously raised the bar in printing excellence. It is truly a delight as a designer to work with a company of your calibre.” Margaret Nolan, Denomination Creative Director

Design:  Denomination   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Denomination

Printer: Multi-Color Australia



Design:  Level   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Level

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

CFM 121 Pinot Noir belongs to Dutcher Crossing’s ‘Tribute’ series; a collection of small volume wines with proceeds donated to support research in finding a cure for Melanoma. Since her father’s passing, Proprietor Debra Mathy has sought a way to remember her father and his many dimensions, and use his battle with Melanoma to inspire others facing the same fight.

The CFM 121 label is a full 360° wrap of cherry wood - a genuine wood substrate with beautiful grain, texture and warmth, adorned with a cribbage board design, as her father was an avid player. The foil embossed game pieces spell her father’s initials in braille - CFM.

“To tell another part of my father’s story each year through the design of a new label is difficult, but the journey is made much easier with the expert guidance of our design team and the folks at Multi-Color. When you bring to the table such a unique and creative idea, you are met with numerous challenges in how to make it a reality. The team at Multi-Color deserve the highest of praise as they went above and beyond to help us navigate those challenges and create a beautiful finished product we are all proud of. Thank you.” Debra Mathy, Proprietor - Dutcher Crossing Winery



Whipper Snapper Distillery is Perth’s first urban distillery, crafting premium moonshine and whiskey made from 100% local Western Australian ingredients. ‘Crazy Uncle’ Moonshine is the Distillery’s first product, so it was important to create a package that was memorable. The straight jacket inspired label is hand applied and wraps around the entire bottle ‘restraining’ the moonshine within. Clear and bronze foil embellishments on heavy weight uncoated paper are used to accentuate different textual qualities of the label to give the impression of canvas, metal and leather.

“The Crazy Uncle label presented many challenges along the way, in both design and printing. I was extremely happy to have the team at Multi-Color on the job; their attention to detail and endeavour to push the boundaries and make this label happen was second to none. The printing quality is exceptional; however, it was the cohesive partnership that helped to make this idea a reality.” Jarrod Fuller, Zendoke

Design:  Zendoke   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Zendoke

Printer: Multi-Color Australia



Design:  CF Napa   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: CF Napa

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

The inspiration for Zaca Mesa’s new label stemmed from the need to invigorate an older brand with a new fresh look, and establish an icon that branding can leverage from. The team at CF Napa honed in on the winery building which has been home to 40 years of winemaking. Affectionately known as ‘The Barn’, this is the foundation of Zaca Mesa. Textured emboss and overprinted silver foil combine to create the custom bronze icon.

“We aligned ourselves with a top designer, so it was imperative for us to align ourselves with the top printer. Multi-Color’s knowledge of design and application allowed for a seamless process. In this competitive market, packaging plays a critical role in brand identity, as well as consumer’s perception of the wine quality. The outcome surpassed our expectations and resulted in an amazing package that has reinvigorated our brand.” Eric C. Mohseni, Head Winemaker



One of Devil’s Peak Brewing Company’s year-round offerings is The King’s Blockhouse IPA. This award-winning West Coast style ale is named after a historic military blockhouse on Devil’s Peak, built during the British occupation of the Cape in 1796. It is accompanied by First Light Golden Ale, so named because the slopes of Devil’s Peak, being to the east of the Cape Town city bowl, are the first to receive the sun’s light in the morning. Both designs feature detailed illustrations and bold signature coloured banners which are crisply presented on the waterproof label substrate.

“We were looking for a label supplier who was capable of printing excellent quality labels consistently and we found that in Multi-Color.” Ernst van Rensburg, Operations Manager

Design:  Just Design

Design: Just Design

Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa



Design:  Future Days   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Future Days

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Variable data is one of the modern benefits of digital print. Melbourne-based designers, Future Days have integrated this technology into a ground breaking generative design process for the Australian wine industry. “We’ve always pushed to change the dynamic and move things away from the expected. This was one of those moments where our ambition came together with a trusting client and produced something remarkable”, said the studio’s Di Elderton.

The new Harewood Estate FLUX takes its cues from a uniquely written algorithm with input from vineyard and vinification datasets interacting with photographs from Harewood’s archive. The algorithm created a continuous flow or ‘flux’ of 10,000 unique labels; a world first. No two labels are alike, as each bottle is a captured moment of the generative artwork.

“A big thank you to Multi-Color who partnered with Future Days to bring this unique project to life; testing, proofing and ultimately printing FLUX on their state of the art digital print solution.” Robert Elderton, Future Days



The Inkosi brand is an exciting new social development project based in the Whittlesea area of the Eastern Cape. The Pinotage and Chardonnay 2016 are the inaugural vintages to be bottled for Mayime Winery, and revenues from the sales of these wines will support rural community upliftment efforts in the district. Inkosi, meaning ‘chief’ in the local Xhosa language, is an appropriate title for this regal black and gold presentation, which includes modern swirls of tactile screen contrasting with traditional African motifs.

“It is with well earned respect that I can confidently recommend Multi-Color. Their team was always prepared to proactively identify options and solutions to challenges that occurred during the project. Their efforts, talents, and the ability to work towards one vision were a significant part of accomplishing a great result.  I am delighted!” Kelly Squirrell, Designer

Design:  Kelly Squirrell   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Kelly Squirrell

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa



Design:  Cult Partners   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Cult Partners

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

Girl & Dragon wines explore the universal passion for fantasy, myth and legend. They are one of the fastest-growing wines in the retail space, due both to the explosion of interest in the fantasy genre and the soulful, mysterious label which invites the consumer to imagine the story behind it.

The label recently underwent a re-design to give additional impact to the illustrations. This label engages the consumers’ sensory experience by adding tactile effect through high build screen which defines the dragon, and the intricate emboss on the gold foil diamond.

“It is so exciting to work with the Multi-Color team that has been an integral part of the success of our brand. Their creativity and attention to fine detail brings to life the essence of the story of the Girl & Dragon.” Natalie Wassum, Vintage Wine Estates Director of Marketing-Lifestyle Brands



In collaboration with acclaimed Japanese tattoo artist, Horisumi, Archie Rose Horisumi Autumn is the first in a series of four rare gins, which celebrate the uniqueness of each Japanese season. Inspired by a mutual respect for nature and the hand forged, Horisumi Autumn accentuates the spicedriven notes of red miso, sesame seed and sansho pepper, making for a complex, savoury gin.

Working with Horisumi, Squad Ink designed a vibrant and striking label, incorporating colours and tones representing the botanical and flavour profile of the gin. Multi-Color’s Digital print delivered colours with depth, richness and vibrancy, achieving a precise rendition of Horisumi’s artwork.

“Multi-Color’s new Pure Impact uncoated paper delivered brilliant print clarity and beautiful colour rendition. It has a lovely plushness, and a tactile course texture which is similar to the watercolour paper Horisumi used.” Terry Squadrito, Director at Squad Ink

Design:  Squad Ink   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Squad Ink

Printer: Multi-Color Australia



Design:  Whitespace Creative   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Whitespace Creative

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

Solace is a French-influenced Syrah produced by biodynamic methods in the rolling hills of Elgin. Rather than looking back to its French origin, Solace comes dressed in bold contemporary label design. The label references the origin of the wine by featuring geographic contour lines, finely debossed into the uncoated substrate. Both the map pin that indicates the farm’s location and the brand name are embellished in high-build screen relief.

“I believe that good design can only become great design when the concept is realised in the final product. We have Multi-Color to thank for the positive market feedback we’ve received for our work, the excellent labels they’ve produced and for the effective working relationship that we have established over the years.” Nini Oosterhuis, Head Designer



Via Rosa is an aromatic and lightly sparkling red wine created and designed for the USA market. Printed on Killer White uncoated paper for superior ice bucket performance, the label features vibrant colors and tactile varnish effects to deliver an eye catching and expressive label.

“We believe that creating a multi-dimensional and multisensory experience is of help to guide consumers towards choosing a product like ours. Thanks to Multi-Color’s advice it was easy to give life to our ‘path of roses’ and this stunning label will make it easier to enter the hearts of our customers. Hopefully it will be as easy as walking down a path of soft and fragrant rose petals.” Lisa Di Buduo; Brand Manager Banfi Piemonte

Design:  Officina Grafica   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Officina Grafica

Printer: Multi-Color Italy



Design:  D8   Printer:  Multi-Color Scotland

Design: D8

Printer: Multi-Color Scotland

Caledonia has launched a new range of ales, tapping into a variety of segments and flavour profiles. A different icon for each ale gives a visual clue to the liquid inside, including a cask for the Whisky-infused beer and an Indian elephant for India Pale Ale. The name and title is produced in a colour coded banner reinforced by a short descriptor that differentiates the styles. Uncoated paper delivers a clean standout shelf presence and clearly displays the hierarchy of brand information. The ‘Caledonia’ features gold foil and emboss quality cues along with decorative illustrations that reinforce the Scottish origins.

“This modern take is designed to give reassurance in both the expertise in brewing the product, from a brand that is speaking to a broad audience that now entices the ale drinkers. It feels like a quality product, stands out on shelf and encourages drinkers to sample the full range to discover their favourite.” Wendy Espie, Senior Brand Manager



Over the course of its 40-year history, Marques de Casa Concha has been recognized as one of Chile’s most emblematic brands. This design re-fresh captures the brand’s contemporary classic spirit combining tradition, elegance and style. One of the most significant enhancements is the logo, ensuring greater visibility and prominence as one of the most striking elements of the label. “We want the new labels to convey the brand’s innovative spirit without neglecting its tremendous tradition and legacy that have positioned it as one of Chile’s leading and most widely recognized brands,” says Isabel Guilisasti, Marketing Manager for Concha y Toro’s Wines of Origin.

“The lifting of Marques de Casa Concha has been a long, meticulous effort that yielded an extraordinary result thanks to all the support and understanding of Multi-Color, which sought to achieve overall excellence in this renewed design.” Mathilde Michaud, Brand Manager

Design:  Ximena Ureta   Printer:  Multi-Color Chile

Design: Ximena Ureta

Printer: Multi-Color Chile



Design:  Studio Grafico Artigiano   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Studio Grafico Artigiano

Printer: Multi-Color Italy

The Amarone Bosan Riserva project had a very clear goal that to achieve - an essential label able to communicate elegance and attention to detail. The collaboration between Studio Grafico Artigiano and Multi-Color allowed this to become a reality. A clean emboss with a sharp edge helps to create a unique texture that gives importance to the label, giving a 3D effect with an ever-present play of light and shadow. Gold foil delivers a sense of contrasting richness with a striking white background.

“Ultimately, it is an emotional label, which satisfies both the senses of touch and sight. We are extremely pleased with how Multi-Color and Studio Grafico Artigiano have interpreted our request creating an outstanding label!” Cristoforo Materossi, Marketing Cesari



The Nouveau is part of the ‘Local Knowledge, Traditional Techniques’ program. Instead of focusing on terroir driven wines (Local Knowledge), this project focused on creating wines inspired by cellar practices (Traditional Techniques). Nouveau Pinot Noir was the first release from the 2016 harvest. With this wine winning the race-to-bottle, a gold finish of the label seemed appropriate.

“We had complex printing requirements attached to a value oriented wine program. The team at Multi-Color helped us find the best possible way to print this within our budget, while maintaining an ultra-premium look that over-delivers.” Andrew Jones, Field Recordings

Multi-Color engineered the vision for the Nouveau label with overprinted silver foil to create the rich gold appearance. The contrast of high build screen on the vineyard maps against the embossed white screen results in an eye catching label delivering strong shelf impact.

Design:  Lauren Wallack, Berlandieri Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Lauren Wallack, Berlandieri Design

Printer: Multi-Color Napa



Design:  El Nino Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: El Nino Design

Printer: Multi-Color Italy

Sweet Vignola cherries grown in the Valle del Ciliegio near Modena rest for five months in Prosecco grappa, resulting in a spirit of extreme rarity, thanks to the fragrant notes of the cherry in a truly unique marriage of fruit and spirit.

This creative label design contrasts gloss and matt elements. The cherries take on a tactile dimension with gloss high build screen, complemented by fine gold foil and bold colour. A unique plastic neck and seal combines with the printed elements to deliver a stunning and distinctive package.

“I am really pleased with the redesign and the printing quality of the label: the new packaging is young, fresh and vibrant. Moreover, the support from Multi-Color in the identification of the materials used allowed us to obtain a perfect dressing of the bottle, free of defects.” Christian Kokkinomagoulos; Marketing Manager



Shottesbrooke requested a new design for an exclusive line sitting outside their usual brand parameters. The brief was to achieve a unique look while keeping within their existing wine-label theme; abstract representations of bird’s-eye-view vineyards. “We took to higher skies with a satellite’s-eye-view representation. The artwork was achieved through a marblelike painting, representing the complementary formations of the vast McLaren Vale region as a whole,” said David Byerlee.

Digital print on matte textured paper was the perfect solution to render the stunning vibrancy of this design. The name Expression Series sat perfectly with winemaker Hamish Maguire - as this is his expression of a true McLaren Vale Shiraz; and the way it should be.

Design:  David Byerlee   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: David Byerlee

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

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