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Design:  Chivas Brothers Graphics Team / Blue Marlin   Printer:  Multi-Color Glasgow

Design: Chivas Brothers Graphics Team / Blue Marlin

Printer: Multi-Color Glasgow

Casg Annamh means ‘rare cask’ in Gaelic. In 2017, the Aberlour Casg Annamh project was established as an exclusive offer to the on-trade channel. The label and tube wrap were produced simultaneously to ensure perfect colour matching and consistency. Printed on matt uncoated paper, the subtle layered construction of the design communicates quality and tradition, with key branding and logo highlighted through detailed gold foiling.

“Whilst operating under great time pressure we were delighted that Multi-Color could accommodate press time in advance of receipt of artworks to ensure timelines could be met. We worked very closely with them to have the label and tube wrap artworks approved and produced timeously, and together we delivered a fantastic new pack that successfully launched in market.” Richard Neil, Chivas Brothers Ltd Project Manager



Printer:  Multi-Color France

Printer: Multi-Color France

Young entrepreneur Benoit Albanel created Aikan with the desire to offer premium Whisky with a unique geographical collaboration. Aikan Whisky is distilled in Scotland where it is traditionally aged before completing its maturation on the French island of Martinique in the Caribbean, where it is transferred into seasoned rum barrels.

Aikan means ‘marriage’ in Arawak, the language of the first inhabitants of Martinique. It is the meeting of two continents (Europe and America), two climates (continental and tropical), and two worlds of spirits (whisky and rum). The selling of this Whiskey was equally innovative, via the crowd-funding platform KissBank. The texture of the cotton white paper reflects the smoothness and fineness of the whisky, with gold foil, screen print and the innovative combination of verso and recto print bringing the exotic images to life.

“It has been a great pleasure working with Multi-Color. Their advice on the choice of material and techniques produced a magnificent label praised by all our customers.” Benoit Albanel



Design:  Drinksology   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Drinksology

Printer: Multi-Color England

At the Paris World Fair in 1900, a barrel made by Wilthener received a gold medal. In the use of this barrel in the creation of Wilthener Cask Grande Brandy, tradition and modernity combine to deliver a premium XO quality brandy.

The 1900 Paris World Fair is represented strongly in the design cues, with text, foil and illustration coming together in both communicative and aesthetic style. The matt uncoated paper combines strong textural elements of grain emboss and stylised blind emboss logo to great effect.

“Our brief for the label and glass bottle design was to combine tradition, craft and innovation in one beautiful package. Our approach with Multi Colour continued the theme. Detailed attention was paid to all matters of consultation resulting in a label that showcases a balanced consideration of special finishes on a perfectly selected paper.” Richard Ryan, Drinksology



Although beer has been brewed with bread for over 7000 years, only recently has this become a commercial solution to the twin problems of bread waste and food insecurity. After having success in the UK brewing beer from surplus bread to benefit charitable causes, Toast decided to plant their toes in South African soil.

They partnered with leading craft beer innovator Devils Peak Brewing Company and various local bakeries, to produce a ‘social good’ in a bottle. All profits from the sales of the beer go to Soil For Life, which assists the unemployed to become home food gardeners.

“If doing good was so easy, why wouldn’t you do it?” said Bianca Hansen, CoFounder & MD, Toast Ale South Africa

Design:  Limbik SA  Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Limbik SA Printer: Multi-Color South Africa



Design:  Denomination   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Denomination

Printer: Multi-Color England

An original handwritten recipe for Bristol Method Dry Gin from the 1870s has been recreated, bottled and launched as Smeaton’s, with identity, packaging design and strategy by Denomination. The creative concept stays true to the recipe that was discovered by the founders of the Bristol Archives on Smeaton Road, and every detail links back to the story behind the brand.

A beautifully executed blind emboss adds dimension and tactility to the textured uncoated paper and individual numbering reinforces the small batch process.

“Multi-Color fully understand every detail is crucial in premium packaging and were as obsessive as we were to realise our vision. To be able to get the bottle labels and the paper wrap printed through one supplier not only gave us better control of the colour matching but eased the process and logistics for our client.” Caroline Forte, Denomination UK



Domìni Veneti has released a new collection of Pruviniano wines from the feminine heart of the Classic Valpolicella, the Marano valley. Textured uncoated paper is the canvas for the vibrant and detailed artistry that combines beautiful layers of color emphasised with fine gold foil detail.

“We believe that beauty and aesthetic originality can express the precious content of our wine and our values, like a complex sensorial experience. Working with Multi-Color inspired our enthusiasm to create a very fine artistic label, delivered with the usual attention to detail and focus on perfection,” Natascia Lorenzi, Cantina Valpolicella Negrar Marketing & Communication Manager

“We dedicate Pruviniano wines to the female world, to the ability to give value, to grasp details and nuances in the care of one’s work. A heartfelt memory goes to our designer Manuela Fischetto, who was at our side in the creation of the graphic project; her delicate presence remained with us even after her sudden and premature death,” said Natascia

Design:  Fischetto Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Fischetto Design

Printer: Multi-Color Italy



Design:  Drink Works   Printer:  Multi-Color England & Australia

Design: Drink Works

Printer: Multi-Color England & Australia

From the makers of the awardwinning Grant Burge Wines comes this palate buster of a shiraz. Ink by name and ink by nature, this wine is sure to leave an impression on all. The Barossa Ink label is brought to life with layers of tactile ink, giving shape and dimension. The stark white textured paper delivers impactful contrast to the design, with a faux wax seal at the foot of the label reinforcing quality cues.

“When we were considering the label for this intensely dark wine we wanted an eye-catching design that balanced a clean, monochrome look with premium finishes. The option to randomise the ink splashes in the background means that the bottles have an element of individuality, while the black varnish print and the wax seal replica suggests an opulence matched by the wine quality,” said Anita Patel of Accolade Wines

Barossa Ink is printed in both England and Australia, reflecting Multi-Color’s global solutions in supporting global brands.



“When we set out with a team of great designers to modernize a label with 35 years of heritage and iconic imagery, we knew we would have to put together something really special. The vision was to highlight the re-imagined design by employing some intricate details, made possible with Multi-Color’s technology and leading industry standard. The designers’ ideas were brought to life thanks to the craftsmanship of the Napa team.” Katharine Taylor, General Manager, Saucelito Canyon Vineyard

The colourful mountain range was created through digital printing, with textured emboss and copper foil accents to highlight the rugged range. It has the appearance of a painting which is enhanced with gloss varnish to give it more dimension. Adding a blind deboss and spot gloss varnish to the logo pulls the design together for a classy, modern feel.

Design:  Kraftwerk Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Kraftwerk Design

Printer: Multi-Color Napa



Design:  GJS Kiel   Printer:  Multi-Color Germany

Design: GJS Kiel

Printer: Multi-Color Germany

Viticulture has been practiced in Schloss Reinhartshausen since 1337. The winery in Eltville-Erbach has a rich and remarkable history. The Schloss Reinhartshausen vineyard is a mystical island with its own spirit, which draws one into its spell. Located in the middle of the Rhine, the island experiences a unique microclimate, ideal for the 24 hectares of vines.

Special cereals also grow on the island, and these were the motivation to create this extraordinary gin. Deserving of a distinctive label, a black velvet substrate is a unique and tactile foundation for the combination of multiple foils, micro-embossing and individual label numbering.



Wilderer Distillery was established in 1995 by master distiller Helmut Wilderer, and has since accrued over 50 international awards, becoming synonymous with quality, artistry and integrity. Amongst their offerings is a true South African specialty - a Cape Gin incorporating unique fynbos botanicals from the region. The clean and elegant wraparound label, presented with highlights of copper foil and spot varnish, embraces the traditional bottle.

“We have not had a single regret since moving over to Multi-Color. Their customer service is exceptional.” Johan Monnig, Wilderer Distilleries Head Distiller

Design:  Limbik SA   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Limbik SA

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa



Design:  Randak   Printer:  Multi-Color Glasgow

Design: Randak

Printer: Multi-Color Glasgow

The idea of Speymhor was first developed back in 2016 to showcase a superb range of Single and Blended Malts from around Scotland.

“Randak designed a unique label shape which appealed to us straightaway, however Multi-Color had a concern that the label could potentially rip when being applied. We worried it was ‘back to the drawing board’ but Multi-Color were fantastic and came up with a solution incredibly quickly allowing us to keep the shape and design we desired.” Rory Taylor, Sales and Marketing Manager

The project required a label and cylinder wrap solution, combining pressure sensitive and flat sheet printing. The wrap carries a soft halftone map with fine foil and spot gloss detailing, with the label complementing this with matching colours, and embellishments. “The whole process from start to finish went extremely well and the result is a range of Malts we are very proud of and something we sell throughout the world,” said Rory.



Design:  Animal

Design: Animal

Printer:  Multi-Color Chile

Printer: Multi-Color Chile

Santa Margarita is a ready-todrink tequila margarita cocktail in the flavours of lemon and strawberry, with a vibrant design concept inspired by the Mexican holiday of ‘Day of the Dead.’ “The challenge was to design a product from the beginning; bottle, cork and label had to be fully integrated. The objective was to obtain a colourful design and visually attractive product able to communicate the references of its origin. Santa Margarita has had an outstanding sales start, being innovative in its category and adding visual impact to the shelves,” said Oscar Miranda, Marketing Manager of Secreto Peruano.

Printed on crystal clear substrate with bold ink and screen colours, the vivid labels come to life with eye caching appeal.

“The best part about working with Multi-Color was having their professional and technological resources available to us, in order to transform our idea into a label which highlights the unique design of the bottle.” Oscar Miranda, Marketing Manager of Secreto Peruano



Design:  MASH Design

Design: MASH Design

Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Hentley Farm created this wine to oppose the old school winemaking theory that big is best. The artwork is reversible; turn the label one way to reveal the Villain and the other, the Vixen. Printed on Heavy Metal with a rich gold background, the addition of emboss detail adds a tactile element to this cleverly designed label.

“At Hentley Farm, we like to be villains against convention so have made a wine that favours vixen like elegance.” Andrew Quinn, Winemaker



Chapel Hill, one of McLaren Vale’s iconic wineries, have recently embarked on a rebrand of their McLaren Vale range of wines. The focus of the Chapel Hill brand is the historic stained-glass window that overlooks the vineyards in the 150-year-old Chapel tasting room. Originating from Glasgow, the window dates to 1770.

Bold texture, balance and accentuating print techniques were all key drivers for the brand re-fresh, along with calling to attention divine trademarks such as embellishing the chapel window.

Achieving the desired feel and texture of the label was executed with bold deboss, high build screen, and fine foil and print detail accentuating the ‘paint over stencil artwork’. Each variety has its own vivid colour and pattern over the chapel window which delivers contemporary cues to a traditional trademark.

Design:  Woodscannon   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Woodscannon

Printer: Multi-Color Australia



Design:  SGA - Giacomo Bersanetti   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: SGA - Giacomo Bersanetti

Printer: Multi-Color Italy

The new Cuvée Oro Blanc de Blancs was created to interpret the traditional values of Valdo’s history in a contemporary key. “We have thought about this product with the utmost care to give it shelf visibility and recognition, as well as value for money,” said Giacomo Bersanetti, SGA Graphic Design Agency.

The design of the label is characterized by a decorative motif that depicts a galaxy. Its spiral pattern represents motion and integrates with the profile of the bottle as a three-dimensional element, expressing the energy and evolutionary process that this product represents.



Born into two longstanding wine families in Napa Valley, winemaker Jenny Wagner inherited a love of farming, an eagerness to get her hands dirty and a willingness to push boundaries.

Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc Reserve Plumerai label is embedded with graceful details. The balance the fine lines of the rose foil, the emboss of the bird and the textured background combine beautifully with elegance and finesse. The green copy and artistic lines match perfectly with the green glass of the bottle to cohesively blend the packaging concept from top to bottom.

“We have a long iterative design process and we always include MultiColor as we get closer to a final design. Figuring out how to get the ‘look’ of the final label is part of the fun. We push the envelope sometimes and MultiColor has been inventive. The team has not failed us yet. There is a wealth of options on the Multi-Color presses that we have not exhausted.” Rick Roese, Designer

Design:  Rick Roese   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Rick Roese

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

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