Brand News March 2018

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Presenting our quarterly release of Brand News, showcasing Multi-Color labels from around the world.



Design:  M&A CREATIVE, Portugal   Printer:  Multi-Color France

Design: M&A CREATIVE, Portugal

Printer: Multi-Color France

Mas de Lunès, acquired in 1936 by family-led winery Vignobles Jeanjean, produces wine in the Grés de Montpellier appellation, on a unique soil of limestone pebbles called E6-G.

E6-G is the name of this cuvée, part of the terroir collection, and the label illustrates the geological map of the estate. The blue colour makes reference to the sea that once covered the region more than 100 million years ago. Gold foil overprint combines with high-build screen to represent the layers in the unique soil and highlight the limestone pebbles, creating a label with texture and relief. 

“The collaboration with Multi-Color on this project was excellent. They helped us select the right paper, and at each stage provided technical advice.” Brigitte Barreiro, Jeanjean Marketing Manager



Design:  Amphora Design   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Amphora Design

Printer: Multi-Color England

David Arbery was looking to create something completely different and refreshingly new for the sparkling wine segment. With an 18 months investment in developing the design for Skyfall Grand Reserva, it was critical that the physical labels did justice to their design concept. 

Amphora worked very closely with Multi-Color to make their vision a reality. A combination of tactile and transparent inks over foil has delivered a label that is truly unique and visually stunning.

“We were eager to convey an element of ‘surprise and delight’ for this remarkable blue fizz at the same time as establishing its premium positioning. The distinctive label shape was developed to communicate the brand icon strongly, and the print finishes achieve a jewel-like quality. A brand such as this depends heavily on high quality print and finishing and we are delighted that Multi-Color labels have achieved such an excellent result.” Neil Tully, Amphora Design



Design:  MORUBA   Printer:  Multi-Color Spain

Design: MORUBA

Printer: Multi-Color Spain

Bodegas Faustino started in the world of wine in 1861 and since then had passed a long road to become the greatest exporter of Gran Reserva wines in the DOC RIOJA. With more than 150 years of experience in production and aging high quality wines, the winery has a great international prestige. Their wines are a referent in the world of wine, exporting to more than 120 countries.

“Our relationship with Multi-Color Spain started early in 2017. They have been deeply involved in our pressure sensitive label implementation process, conducting trials and tests while working together with several departments to guarantee our production process is as simple and agile as possible. Multi-Color have introduced us to different papers that we had never worked with before, including Killer White for our white wines.” Elena Larrea, Faustino Brand Manager



Design:  Stranger and Stranger  Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Stranger and Stranger Printer: Multi-Color England

Bishop’s Gin is the story of John Ponet, infused with a sense of adventure, discovery and nonconformity. This 16th century English ecclesiastic was a Master of Arts, became the Bishop of Winchester, and was a free thinker with a true passion for life. A maverick of his time, the bishop was one of the first Protestants to fight for religious freedoms, and was a strong advocate for marriage within the clergy which caused quite a stir at the time.

Multi-Color were tasked with bringing the Bishop’s Gin label to life. A clean matt uncoated paper was used for the best possible print of the colourful image to give the greatest dynamic range. Layers of texture were created with high-build screen, separating the elements to give even greater depth to what was already a beautiful design.



Design:  Stranger & Stranger   Printer:  Multi-Color Scotland

Design: Stranger & Stranger

Printer: Multi-Color Scotland

The packaging of Edinburgh Christmas Gin was created to capture the true spirit of the festive season. A gin produced using only the finest botanicals highlighting the array and variety of yuletide flavours which is defined by spiced, aromatic notes of frankincense, myrrh and classic juniper.

The uncoated cotton based paper deliveres a premium textured look and feel to the label. Execution of the foiling detail was critical with a combination of fine lines, text and solids, along with the edition of tactile embossing creating striking visual aesthetics.

“Having partnered with Multi-Color previously in the production of our Original Edinburgh Gin and the subsequent brand editions, we had confidence that they would again capture the craftmanship and attention to detail required.” Keith Murdoch, Head of Supply Chain, Edinburgh Gin



Design:  Justin Almassy, Accolade Wines   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Justin Almassy, Accolade Wines

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

In 2016 Hardys Tintara were fortunate to capture the essence of this great vintage to produce their newest limited release wine, Hardys Tintara Reserve Grenache. Only produced in exceptional years, this wine has been made at the winery since the early 1990’s. In keeping with the contemporary nature of the wine, it was essential the package be appropriately dressed.

The unique five-piece label depicts an original 1891 vintage stained glass window which adorns the wall of the Eileen Room at the Hardys Tintara site. It incorporates Bacchus (the god of wine) astride a barrel shaped coat of arms. The texture and pearlescent quality of the Jade paper was the ideal selection in capturing the colour and essence of the stained glass window, while the Bacchus centrepiece features an alluring sculptured emboss.

“We’re delighted with the finished result. Multi-Color really understood our vision for the label and worked with us closely to bring it to life.” Travis Fuller, Marketing Manager at Hardys



The Great Women Spirits are crafted in a style that reflect the characteristics of these trailblazers. Lady Ada Lovelace was the world’s first computer programmer, and in her honor Coppola has crafted a gin that pays homage to the English-style gins of Lady Ada’s era.

The antique look was achieved by combining the period image with intricate gold foil embellishments. A sculptured emboss overprinted with black and screen satin varnish delivers a distressed look, reflecting the ambience of the Regency era.

“Multi-Color was an excellent partner. They understood the level of detail we needed to convey, and made suggestions to help elevate the label while also taking the designer’s vision into consideration. Complex press testing helped us firm up the design, which is a real show stopper.” Camille Picott, Sr Product Development Manager

Design:  Stephen Faustina   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Stephen Faustina

Printer: Multi-Color Napa



Design:  Butterfly Cannon   Printer:  Multi-Color Scotland

Design: Butterfly Cannon

Printer: Multi-Color Scotland

Over the years, the acclaimed Glenmorangie Private Edition has pushed the boundaries of innovation in Single Malt Scotch Whisky. 2018 celebrates the launch of Glenmorangie Spìos, the ninth limited release in this collection of unique and intriguing malts.

Glenmorangie Spìos (Scots Gaelic for ‘spice’ and pronounced spee-oss) is the first Glenmorangie ever to be fully matured in American ex-rye whiskey casks. Its innovative character and package cues were inspired by the bygone glamour of America’s golden whiskey era, when American rye whiskey was fêted in the country’s most prestigious saloons.

The combined embellishments of multiple foils plus tactile and reticulation varnish deliver fantastic contrast between the gloss and matte areas. The result reflects the quality and finish expected within the Glenmorangie brand.

“The attention to detail and quality required for this label was extremely challenging for the Multi-Color team but still delivered a good result.” Elise Darque, NPD Executive, Glenmorangie



Cobb & Co. was a famous coaching company that carried passengers and mail to many regional and remote areas of Australia in the 19th century. Cobb’s Hill Estate celebrates 150 years since Cobb & Co. stagecoaches first travelled through the Adelaide Hills in 1867, with the launch of their estate wine range.

The labels reference the estate’s Cobb & Co. history, with equine influenced wine names and a two piece label shape that fuses a representation of rolling hills with stagecoach cues. A gunmetal grey foil crest adds a nod to the present, acknowledging the estate vineyards and the black angus cattle that are bred on the property. The clean and elegant labels are printed on Killer White uncoated paper, with distinct varietal colours and gunmetal grey foil highlights.

“Bringing together our new wine range involved many pieces of the jigsaw. The Multi-Color team made the labels come together smoothly with great ideas, speciality and service. It’s not just about the wine.” Cobb’s Hill Estate Team

Design:  Cobb’s Hill Estate   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Cobb’s Hill Estate

Printer: Multi-Color Australia



Design:  YG Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Chile

Design: YG Design

Printer: Multi-Color Chile

Amaral Brut is a limited edition sparkling wine, which symbolizes the winery’s commitment to create high quality, elegant and sophisticated wines. This Blanc de Blancs sparkling is from the Leyda Valley, just 10 kilometres away from the Pacific Ocean, and the cool weather grants beautiful attributes to this wine.

The ocean is referenced through blue print and silver foil on a micro-embossed pearlescent paper; a combination that catches the play of light and engages the eye.

“Multi-Color’s resources, expertise and service, along with their attention to detail achieved an amazing result. The quality print, together with the fine value-add details gave our product the character, freshness and elegance that we wanted to communicate. It retains the main essence of the brand while emphasising its marine origin, achieving a high premium presentation to our consumers.” Elizabeth Troncoso, Winery Designer

Design:  Andrea Canducci   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Andrea Canducci

Printer: Multi-Color Italy



After more than fifty years in vine cultivation, the Cantina Vinicola Bassi Bruno nurtures its land producing BRUCÓ wines. The grapes for this wine are grown in clay soils rich in limestone, using traditional methods that enhance their purity.

The visual identity at the base of the label is born from the quest to convey this purity and the desire to dazzle in an elegant way, inviting the observer’s gaze in a play of light and reflection. All the communication is entrusted to the printing in a single color, and the holographic foil that creates the outline of the brand’s name.

“Multi-Color’s attention to detail and the precision in printing was critical for the achievement of the result we had set ourselves to produce!” Andrea Canducci, Designer



Design:  Fuenfwerken   Printer:  Multi-Color Germany

Design: Fuenfwerken

Printer: Multi-Color Germany

Weingut Prinz von Hessen in Johannisberg is a traditional winery that has recently embarked on a journey to reinvent themselves. Design agency Fuenfwerken were tasked with the review and refresh of all facets of the business including the corporate identity, winery design, bottling equipment and branding.

The packaging design brief was to create a modern look with traditional symbols. Bold background colours on matt textured uncoated paper provide varietal differentiation and the canvas for the ornate crest. The crest is printed on a layer of silver foil, creating a golden ‘aged enamel’ effect, and making the colours jump from the label with vibrancy and detail. Combined with white screen print and detailed embossing, the label is a real eyecatcher.

“Our new design was printed with great care and we are very pleased with the result.” Nadja Walter-Rothenbach



“The fighting had been hard and continuous; that was attested by all the senses. The very taste of battle was in the air.” Taking inspiration from Tales of Soldiers and Civilians, by Ambrose Bierce, Freelance Wines wanted to transport the consumer back to a time when freedom was within reach. Key to this design was printing the detailed image on a dappled white uncoated paper with a canvas like embossed micro-texture, delivering the look and feel of a painting. The colored sparkles and silver foil add a modern twist with an air of excitement.

“A few key print techniques were needed to bring this label to life and the folks at Multi-Color made sure they came through exactly as we imagined! The use of a new canvas textured paper gives the label a historical gallery feel while holographic foil sparkles throughout which adds just the perfect amount of surprise and whimsy.” Sarah Deiter, Creative Director, Makers & Allies

Design:  Makers & Allies   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Makers & Allies

Printer: Multi-Color Napa



Design:  Bravo Design Studio  Printer : Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Bravo Design Studio Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

The Blind Tasting brand was specially developed by KWV to support Kaleidoscope, a non-profit organisation that cares for the needs of visually impaired persons.

Multi-Color’s exclusive Killer White uncoated paper facilitates a chalkboard-black backdrop for the intricate design, which features intertwining high-build screen and hot-stamp foil details. A key design element was the inclusion of Braille text advising the taster to ‘close your eyes… and open your mind.’

“Together with our partners like KWV, Bravo Design and Multi-Color, we can change the how the world sees the blind, and how the blind see the world.” Irene de Bod, Manager: Development, Kaleidoscope



The Prohibition Christmas Gin is all about the hallmarks and ‘spirit’ of Christmas, in both flavour and character. The brief to the label was to evoke the feel of Christmas in a sophisticated manner.

“We chose to keep the form of the existing Prohibition bottles, however with the colour of the spirit, there was no visibility to a back label image. Therefore the front strip label needed to carry all of the detail and interest to give shelf presence,” said Adam Carpenter, Director Prohibition Liquor Co.

The gold pattern was created to evoke the decoration of the season, whilst also capture the art deco feel reminiscent of prohibition era. The textured matte black uncoated paper coupled with gold foil and simple emboss on ‘Prohibition Gin’ gives a level of embellishment befitting of the occasion and the ‘spirit of Christmas.’

Design:  Toolbox Graphic Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Toolbox Graphic Design

Printer: Multi-Color Australia



Design:  DAC Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Germany

Design: DAC Design

Printer: Multi-Color Germany

The wine with the cat… an exciting change in tradition for a typical Rhine-Hessian winery, is radically breaking new ground for the Wildner family. The expressive labels tell a lot more about the wine than a complicated description ever could - and both are really fun! A few cats belonging to the family were the inspiration for the designer, who was trying to create a completely polarizing new look. The new design and the quality of the wine harmonize and play with one another.

A combination of foil shades, embossing and varnish effects bring this label to life, creating an eye catching package that draws attention to a traditional wine with an exciting and creative label.


SONOMA, CAlifornia, usa

El Fumador is a 100% agave reposado tequila, blended of 50/50 high and lowland agave and crafted in the heart of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. The Sebastiani Family partnered with the acclaimed Maestri Family to produce the first spirit from Don Sebastiani & Sons.

“We’ve worked with MultiColor on many of our wine brands and trusted them with the first run of our tequila, El Fumador. As always, we couldn’t be more excited about the results and are proud to launch our first spirit brand.” Donny Sebastiani, Don Sebastiani & Sons

Design:  Chris Villalovoz   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Chris Villalovoz

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

MCC Napa