Brand News September 2018

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Presenting our quarterly Brand News, showcasing Multi-Color labels from around the world.

Born of fire by Ste. Michelle Wine Estate

Columbia Valley, WA, USA

Design:  Doubleknot Creative   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Doubleknot Creative

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

The Borne of Fire label is a dance of several elements working together, including a subtle texture background created with a grain emboss and a slightly darker cream that tapers off so the Phoenix has a subtle glow behind it. The fine details of the Phoenix are created with ink, emboss and matte varnish, subtly touched on the ends with copper foil to bring the illusion of fire and movement to life. A deboss is added in the splashes behind the wings to add depth. Ink over foil on the logo gives the illusion of smoldering words.

“Borne of Fire was a fun label to watch come to life. The Phoenix illustration was originally designed as a tattoo, but it perfectly embodied the rebirth of the new growing area called The Burn from which the wine is sourced. MCC flawlessly executed the design, mastering just the right amount of ink overprint to let the heat shine through, elevating the look and the shelf presence.” Kirsten Elliott, Senior Marketing Manager

Lion Tamer by The Hess Collection

Napa, CAlifornia, USA

Design:  Michael McDermott   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Michael McDermott

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

A micro-embossing technique was used over foil to create the chiselled, handmade effect surrounding the lion. Killer White paper was used to create a dynamic colour contrast with the bottle to really give this design a dramatic effect.

“With Lion Tamer, we intended to create a modern label that connected with consumers and complemented the strong and robust Red Blend style of wine.” Kristina Tarazoff, Creative & Digital Strategy

“Technique is the centre of this label, MCC’s equipment and technicians are the best in the business and the execution of this label suggests their high standard of quality.” Michael McDermott, Designer

40° Anniversario by Banfi S.r.l.

Montalcino (SI)

Design:  Alias Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Alias Design

Printer: Multi-Color Italy

A wine that innovatively expresses Banfi’s 40-years history in Montalcino, made from a cuvée of red varietals selected from our best estate vineyards, born of different yet complementary vintages. This wine is seasonally produced in limited quantities which perfectly reflects the Pursuit of Excellence, with attention to detail, innovation, new approaches, and an end goal of producing the highest’s standard of quality.

A project enriched by luxury packaging, developed by Alias Design and realised by Multi-Color Italy: a unique, big label embraces the bottle completely, leaving only a slit to complete the 4 of 40. An orchestra of power, complexity and elegance.

“The realization of the label, carried out in collaboration with Multi-Color Italia, has achieved, even with the use of special processes such as debossing, laminated gold and silk-screen, an elegance and delicacy that have fully met our expectations for a project as important as the 40th anniversary of the foundation of our company.” Claudia Callegari, Marketing Manager

The Clan by Villeria wines

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Design:  Haumann Smal   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Haumann Smal

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

The Clan reflects the close family unity and commitment that has sustained the Grier family of Villiera over decades in the wine business. The label design includes names from past and present generations of the Grier family, silkscreened on the label in a tartan motif which reflects the Grier’s Scottish roots.

The chalkboard-black background, lithographically printed on KillerWhite™ uncoated stock, is indented with subtle black foiling. Multi-Color’s unique resin label innovation provides the logo focus point in the centre of the label. It’s a label solution which truly represents Villiera’s commitment to quality and innovation.

“The team at Multi-Color were able to offer valuable advice and assistance throughout the development stages to produce a sophisticated label of excellent quality.” Julian Brewer, Villeria Wines

Black Note by Turin Vermouth

Torino (TO)

Design:  DIEGO PARLAGRECO dpadv grafica e comunicazione   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: DIEGO PARLAGRECO dpadv grafica e comunicazione

Printer: Multi-Color Italy

Amaro Black Note launched a new bitter that releases an intense, harmonious and unforgettable moment of pleasure with each sip.

Enriched by fresh citrus notes, our Amaro is a high-quality product made exclusively from the infusion and extraction of plants, herbs, flowers, roots and fruits, prepared by Turin Vermouth Distillery using an exclusive extraction technique.
Italian Chinotto, Chinese rhubarb, Madagascar cloves, bitter orange from the Mediterranean, cinnamon from Zanzibar and the many other essences included in the recipe are infused for two months and then filtered and sweetened with sugar and a very pure distillate of wheat.

The biggest challenge for the label was to identify a suitable material that would conform with the difficult curved surface of the bottle. The design then exploited a beautiful “game” of glossy, opaque and high build screen effects.

“We have developed this label with Multi-Color Italia, in silk-screen printing technology, to achieve brilliant colors and 3D tactile-effect. The result was excellent.” Laura Amidei, Turin Vermouth

Kongsgaard raw gin

United Kingdom

Design:  Bettina Kongsgaard   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Bettina Kongsgaard

Printer: Multi-Color England

Søren and Bettina Kongsgaard had a clear end goal – It was not to produce standard or classic style gin, to reinterpret what it means to be a gin.  The end result is a bold but balanced composed spirit, that speaks to gin’s past, as much as its future.
Using a pure white uncoated label material instantly leaves a cool and Nordic climatic reference giving the woody feel of the bottles antique green colour, exceptional contrast. The detail in the debossed lettering is subtle yet giving an overall depth of both design and message.
The hot foil copper metallic features, speaks to the traditional chemistry behind this product. This spirit comes to life, under open flames in renowned French Charentias copper pot stills.

“As a key factor in our brand identity, it was important that our message was clear, as carved in stone. You get a sense that everything is possible, working with Multi-Color Labels. The quality of their work is unique, but at the same time you get that flexibility, you are always looking for as a client, which made this collab perfect for the task at hand.” Søren Kongsgaard, Kongsgaard Gin

Catoctin creek

Virginia, usa

Design:  Thoroughbred Spirits Group   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Thoroughbred Spirits Group

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

In 2017, Catoctin Creek embarked upon a journey to rebrand their entire line of spirits. The goal was to create a label and branding that spoke to the Virginia heritage of the distillery and the spirits produced by this small craft distillery.

Key factors used to highlight the elegant design were to use a premium uncoated textured paper with gold foil and unique emboss patterns to create interesting textures. The redesign was a successful upgrade to the branding while being recognizable to the heritage of the preceding labels.

“The folks at Multi-Color Napa really knew how to bring this all together. Our new labels are rather sophisticated, but Multi-Color handled our complicated project with ease. I can’t be more pleased with how the finished product turned out!” Scott Harris, Catoctin Creek

Hi No Tori by Kanpai Wines

Napa, CAlifornia, USA

Hi No Tori Cabernet Rosé was born from the October 2017 Northern California wildfires. For every bottle of Rosé sold, Kanpai Wines pledges to donate $20 towards the 2017 California wildfire relief.

The name Hi No Tori means “Bird of Fire” in Japanese. Inspired by Kanpai Wines owners’ family heritage and their vision to help and support Napa/Sonoma community, designer
Brigit Kang illustrated the origami-inspired bird of fire artwork for the front label. The origami crane is the Japanese symbol of hope and recovery, while the phoenix symbolizes being reborn from the ashes.

“Multi-Color Napa played a significant role during the production phase of the label. The team worked with me to select a paper that was water resistant and added texture using a delicate pattern emboss. The transparent spot gloss adds a subtle shine to the floral kimono pattern, and the silver foil lines reinforce the Japanese folk art style.” Brigit Kang, Creative Director, Kanpai Wines

Design:  Brigit.KH.Studio   Printer:  Multi-Color Napa

Design: Brigit.KH.Studio

Printer: Multi-Color Napa

2015 Boat O’Craigo First Duke Reserve Shiraz by Boat O’Craigo

Yarra valley, victoria

Design:  Courtenay O’Keeffe   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Courtenay O’Keeffe

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

This limited release wine is a tribute to the Graham family forefather, James Graham, who became the First Duke of Montrose in 1707. He, and later generations of the Graham clan, were instrumental figures in the evolution of modern Scotland as part of the United Kingdom.

Family member and direct descendant of the Duke, Courtenay O’Keeffe (nee Graham) created the intricate design for this single vineyard wine sourced from the Kangaroo Ground vineyard. The suit of armour is brought to life with detailed sculptured embossing, creating a visually engaging and incredibly tactile tribute to the Duke.

Single Malt Whisky by Cotswolds Distillery

Cotswolds, england

Design:  Breeze Creative   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Breeze Creative

Printer: Multi-Color England

Cotswolds Distillery’s desire to reflect the natural beauty of North Cotswolds and honour its heritage runs through everything they do – using local raw materials, traditional kit and techniques and partner up with other independent producers in the area as much as possible.
Working closely with Cotswolds Distillery and Breeze Creative Multi-Color England were able to print a Single Malt Whisky label that reflects the ethos of the company as well as giving them a unique look. Carefully selecting the material to achieve a beautiful emboss complementing the foil. Extensive testing with the cutter shape gave the client confidence on the bottling line.

“While the Whisky was slowly maturing to perfection. The fall of 2017 saw this delightful Whisky come of age and yet again Multi-Color England has produced exceptional labels which reflect exactly what is inside the bottle.” Craig Mackinlay, Breeze Creative

Rye Whiskey by Fort Hamilton


Design:  Breeze Creative   Printer:  Multi-Color England

Design: Breeze Creative

Printer: Multi-Color England

Alex Clark, formerly of Widow Jane, sought to create a rye brand that embodies the ideals of the first American distillates. Fort Hamilton Rye Batch #1 is steeped in New York history.

Fort Hamilton Rye Whiskey is barrelled at a low proof for a smoother profile that emphasizes the rye grain over the barrel. It is non-chill filtered & aged in heavily charred new American white oak barrels on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Working closely with the Bulletproof London & New York office on behalf of Fort Hamilton Whiskey to help deliver the detail of foil required. Selecting an uncoated material and quality foils to achieve the fine detail as well as large blocks. A beautifully executed deep rich blue and fine reverse to give the best possible finish.

Dark Arts by Hugh Hamilton Wines

Mclaren vale

Design:  Voice Design   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: Voice Design

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Hugh Hamilton’s Dark Arts range celebrates ‘the dark art of wine blending’. Dark Arts embraces experimentation and play, with unexpected blends and quirky varietal combinations.

A package was required that reflected the avant-garde nature of the wines, but remained authentic to the winemaking process.The resulting label is a 10 x 10 grid, upon which a symbol representing each varietal within the blend is placed; the composition a 100% accurate representation of wine contained within.

The varietal combinations are artistically presented through a monochromatic palette on beautiful metallic paper, making for some unexpected and striking compositions – just like the wines.

Mikkeller Capenhagen IPA by Devils Peak

cape town, south africa

Design:  Keith Shore @ Mikkeller   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Keith Shore @ Mikkeller

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

In 2006 Denmark native Mikkel Borg Bjergsø was a physics teacher with a passion for hops, malt and yeast. Mikkeller, the company he founded, exports beer to 40 countries and is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and cutting edge brewery in the world.

Capenhagen is a New England style IPA which was brewed by Devils Peak Brewing Company in collaboration with Mikkeller. The taste notes of juicy orange and citrus are reflected by the bold flexographic spot colours of the can wrap label, which also features both Danish and South African flags.

“Multi-Color has consistently delivered high quality labels for us, and our launch of Capenhagen in cans was no exception. Exceptional value, excellent customer service and continuous innovation are what we’ve come to expect from Multi-Color.” Elizanne Rauch, Marketing General Manager

Phesantekraal Methode Cap Classique

Durbanville, South Africa

Methode Cap Classique is traditionally an expression of joy and exuberance, so it was the ideal way to celebrate the four generations of the Brink family’s custodianship at Groot Phesantekraal Farm. The foiled heritage cues give the brand prestige, while detailed deboss elements enhance the tactile appeal of the uncoated label material.

“The level of detail and sense of texture, cleanly executed by Multi-Color South Africa, truly conveys the elegance and sophistication inherent in our maiden release bubbly.” Ronelle Brink, Groot Phesantekraal

Design:  Bravo Design   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Bravo Design

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

V8+ Sior Sandro by Genagricola Spa

Trieste (ts)

Design:  Play Room di Adriano Vendramin   Printer:  Multi-Color Italy

Design: Play Room di Adriano Vendramin

Printer: Multi-Color Italy

Made from 100% Glera grapes, the V8+ sparkling wine has an excellent freshness and drinkability. Sparkling with the Charmat method to guarantee the fruity aromas of the grapes, the Prosecco DOC is the perfect companion for a convivial and cheerful toast.

The mix of multiple technologies represents the peculiarity of this project:
the front label printed by Italstereo combining resin technique, silk-screen printing with the integration of glitter; the psl neck and back label printed in flexo by Multi-Color Lucca with the integration of screen-printing.

“We are very satisfied with the shelf impact of the new packaging. The resin label, thanks to its perfect execution, guarantees a great recognisability and an excellent 3D effect. It also guarantees excellent resistance in an ice-bucket.” Francesco Marchese, Genagricola Spa

The Birds & Bees by Heather Ale


Williams Brothers and Mil Stricevil Design looked to create a beer wrap that was to give them unique standout within the craft beer market. The layered use of soft tones and vignettes printing on a bright metallic stock allowed fantastic contrast within the design. Detail was achieved through the clever use of colours along with 4 spot varnishes delivered multiple layers of texture within the label resulting in an exciting and creative finish.

Multi-Color Scotland worked closely with Williams Brothers to develop and deliver a very complex label. Each stage of the process from artwork build to finished product was closely monitored. The high-quality printing of the finished label helps execute the premium look and feel of the brand.

Design:  Haumann Smal   Printer:  Multi-Color South Africa

Design: Haumann Smal

Printer: Multi-Color South Africa

Watkins Whisky Co by Mt Uncle Distillery


Design:  mma Weber, KS Design Studio Queensland   Printer:  Multi-Color Australia

Design: mma Weber, KS Design Studio Queensland

Printer: Multi-Color Australia

Nestled within tropical banana plantations of Far North Queensland, Mt Uncle Distillery has crafted an Australian whisky that uses the finest ingredients and traditional techniques. With an emphasis on regional produce, distiller Mark Watkins sources local ingredients such as wild spices and Queensland barley.

KSD created a brand and design that embodied the craftsmanship of distilling. The veneer wood label stock, with its natural texture and warm tone, beautifully complemented the handcrafted nature and unique characteristics of the whisky.

MCC Napa