Printing Security Solutions via Digital Printing provide three primary security packaging advantages:

1) Digital printing addresses each label as a separate entity. This enables individual coding or "marking" of product labels at the unit level (each bottle or package can be uniquely labeled/marked).

2) Digital printing produces a higher degree of print dot-to-dot registration accuracy. Digital printing can print extremely small elements (words, codes, custom graphics) with great precision; to a degree that special optical instruments or materials are required to detect and, or read the elements.

3) Digital printing security solutions only involve two parties, the printer and the client. Materials suppliers are not required for these "print-only" solutions. This "two-party" aspect can shorten implementation time by months, significantly reduce costs, and provide the flexibility to make quick changes.

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Variable data simply means each label or unit is printed independently. Each label can have a unique number, alphanumeric code, bar code, or image. All can be printed overtly or covertly. Variable data can provide a marketer with the ability to personalize each unit, combining an overt security feature with the allure of exclusivity. For example, a winery may want to spotlight the limited availability of magnums, reserves, or vintages by displaying a unique element on the bottle label. The added cost and implementation complexity for this approach is relatively low.

Ventricular Watermarking

The printing of custom designed unique images (graphics). Viewed looking through a UV material (film) the printed images become visible and can display movement generated by one's differing viewing angles. Again, via Digital print technology, each label can have a unique image, but typically images are designed to print on a specified number of labels to identify a control group of products. Again, the labels and the UV detection aids are relatively low cost solutions that can be implemented.

Micro Text

Digital printing can produce text or code that can only be detected if the viewer is notified of its existence - micro text. It can only be read via a detection aid (loop - magnifier). Unique Micro text can be applied to each label or a specified number of labels. It is another relatively economical solution that can aid against counterfeiting. Example below: