We offer expert guidance on foil color and sheen selection, combining foiling with embossing, base label paper selection, and applying protective varnishes.

Enhancing a label with metallic elements can be achieved in several ways: flat or rotary foiling, direct print on metallic substrates, and metallic inks. 

Foil Stamping 

Foil stamping via a flat or rotary die is the best way to get maximum impact out of metallic elements on your label. Foil dies are engraved or etched with a design called out in an art file. When selecting what elements to foil, consider line weights of text or small graphics and content that changes every year and would require a new die (i.e. vintages, alcohol percentage). 

foil alternatives

Direct Print on Metallic Silver Stock

Direct printing on metallic silver substrates is a way to create a foil stamping aesthetic on labels. A tinted translucent ink is used to create a metallic look in virtually any color. This foil alternative is less expensive option, since no dies need to be purchased. 

Metallic Flexo Inks

Metallic inks can be used alone or in combination with foil stamping. Metallic flexo inks are available in virtually any color. Though the ink is not as shiny as an actual foil, it is an alternative. Often, customers will foil stamp a graphic on their label and add detail to the foiled image by applying metallic ink over the foiled area. 

NEW! HP Indigo Silver ElectroInk

Exclusive to digital printing, HP Indigo Silver is a mid-brilliance metallic ink ideal for customers who are looking for subtle metallic elements instead of bright foils. HP Indigo Silver also opens design possibilities for multicolored metallic elements or color fade effects since CMYK can be printed over the silver ink.

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