Folding Cartons

Multi-Color Napa’s sheet-fed printing platform produces premium folding cartons for high-end packaging. Folding cartons can be embellished with hot-foil stamping, multi-level embossing, and spot varnishes. In addition, graphics can be printed on both the outside and inside of the finished cartons. 

MCC Napa's premium folding cartons are best suited for brand owners looking to elevate and differentiate their brand’s packaging. Brands and products that require small, highly embellished folding containers – such as cosmetics, food, and cannabis – are a great fit for the decorative capabilities our printing team can offer. 

how to Start a folding carton project

To start your project, you will need to provide our team with:

  • Carton specifications
  • Adobe Illustrator art file with all layers
  • Mechanical art with color call-outs
  • Stock specification (up to 24 pt.)
  • Fold specification, if desired
  • Emboss/Deboss deatils, if desired
  • Spot varnish placement, if desired

From there, our team will work with you to create an amazing folding carton that will wow your customers.