Standout with 3D Resin Seals

Resin seals provide a high-impact look that enhances shelf appeal and captures customer attention. Resins are perfect for decorating bottles of wine, champagne, spirits, perfume, and other premium products.

To create resin labels, designs are printed on a clear, white, or metallic base stock. Customers can select any Pantone colors for the graphics and text. Additionally, foils, matte and gloss elements can be added to the resin substrate for further customization and maximum visual affect.

Design Options

  • Incorporate metallic elements

  • A flexible printing color palette

  • Clear, metallic, or white base substrates

  • Unique shapes

  • Varied sizes

You Receive

  • Quantities from hundreds to millions

  • Seals with self-adhesive affixed to a liner

  • Seals on rolls or sheets

Compare to Glass Molds

  • Lower start-up costs

  • Lower minimum order quantity

  • Faster speed to market

  • Enhanced design options

  • Water Resistant

Seal Application

  • Apply by hand from sheets or rolls

  • Apply automatically from rolls (consultation required)

  • Apply to glass, labels, boxes, tissue

Resin Seal Metala-Vineyards-Semper-Range-5.jpg
Resin Seal Chianti Classico

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