Standout with 3D Resin Seals

Unique and versatile 3D resin seals provide a high-impact look that grabs customer attention and enhances shelf appeal.

Design Options

  • Incorporate metallic elements
  • A flexible printing color palette
  • Clear, metallic, or white base substrates
  • Unique shapes
  • Varied sizes

You Receive

  • Quantities from hundreds to millions
  • Seals with self-adhesive affixed to a liner
  • Seals on rolls or sheets

Compare to Glass Molds

  • Lower start-up costs
  • Lower minimum order quantity
  • Faster speed to market
  • Enhanced design options
  • Water Resistant

Seal Application

  • Apply by hand from sheets or rolls
  • Apply automatically from rolls (consultation required)
  • Apply to glass, labels, boxes, tissue

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