SS Babe Gri 250ml


Step outside the confines of a standard label and get creative with shrink sleeves! Shrink sleeves offer a 360 degree, top-to-bottom canvas to display graphics and point-of-sale content. Brand managers and designers take advantage of the added design area by creating interesting graphics that wrap around the container to catch customer attention and promote sales.

Customers can select from a vast collection of vibrant colors and varnish options to complement their design. Additionally, shrink sleeves offer excellent scuff protection for graphics since the ink is reverse printed (i.e. printed on the inside of the sleeve). 


Shrink sleeve technology involves printing designs on a film material. Sleeves can be printed via flexography, rotogravure, and digital printing technologies. At our Napa facility, we specialize in digitally printed shrink sleeves. The advantages of digitally printed sleeves include faster turnaround times and cost-efficient prototyping. However, if your project is a better fit for another technology, we work closely with our other facilities to make sure your project is a success from start to finish.


Thank you all for your hard work, great customer service and everything you do to help us get our product into the market.
— Kat, The Girls in the Vineyard

Sleeves are shrunk to containers by applying heat or steam – either manually or using a tunnel. Manual application is a fit for small projects or prototyping, while heat and steam tunnels are ideal once a project scales up for distribution. Steam tunnels are a preferred method of application, based on our experience with customers, due to better heat distribution and consistency of shrinkage. Though, it is best to consult with a co-packer before selecting an application method.