Working art files are required for shrink sleeve projects. We highly recommend using Adobe Illustrator (all versions supported). The MCSD templates provided are native illustrator files. Please add artwork to sub-layers beneath the template layer.

Additionally, supply artwork with and without fonts outlined. We prefer a "package" file from Illustrator that includes all support images and fonts. (TOP MENU: File/Package)


Multi-Color will provide a MCSD (Multi-Color Shrink Dieline) for your project. The MCSD is an artwork template custom developed for your container and applicator. Once the template has been qualified, it will be available for customer use. Please contact your account representative for more information. 

Artwork Submission

Email, FTP, or Dropbox (any online file storage solution) is acceptable for submitting artwork. Notify your account representative of which method you plan on using. We offer a FTP solution, if requested. 

Best Practices

Below is a list of shrink sleeve artwork best practices:

  • UPC codes must run vertically. Unwanted horizontal distortion could render the code unreadable. See example on this page.  
  • CMYK artwork color space is required. PMS and special match callouts should be identified as custom swatches.
  • Raster based graphics must have a minimum of 300 dpi. 
  • White ink callouts should be on a unique layer, above the CMYK artwork. Use a color unique to the design for easy reference.
  • All ink must remain inside the printable (pink area of MCSD, reference example on this page). 
  • The layflat folds can shift left and right to better fit with the product design. We recommend moving these fold points away from logos and important text.

Questions? Contact a team member for more information.