Shrink Sleeve project workflow

We make sure your shrink sleeve project is a success from start-to-finish. Our team of experts are dedicated to making sure your project runs smoothly and are available to guide you every step of the way. The workflow below is based on a new shrink sleeve project; the timing and completion of steps varies by project.  


Before printing

Step 1: Contact a Multi-Color rep and discuss the approximate quantity and timeline of your order. Also, contact the co-packer that will be applying the sleeves for their application requirements.

Step 2: Send us a physical sample of your container, along with a CAD drawing, so a MCSD (Multi-Color Shrink Dieline) can be made to the correct specifications. The MCSD will be returned to you via email.

Step 3: Insert your art files into the MCSD and return it to your rep for review. View our Shrink Sleeve Graphics Prep Guide.

Step 4: Pricing will be provided at the specifications and quantity requested.

Step 5: Upon pricing approval, the Multi-Color rep will provide PDF proofs for content review.

Proofing and Prototyping (optional, but highly recommended)

Step 6: Print a production proof (non-seamed) showing various color options on the shrink sleeve film. The printed proof can be mailed to multiple recipients.

Step 7: After color is approved on the production proof, you can prototype your design on the actual container. Prototypes are printed with your artwork, seamed, and applied by a Multi-Color team member. This step can also serve as an opportunity to provide a test roll to the co-packer to test application.                 

Please note: containers for prototypes are supplied by the customer.

Final Steps

Step 8: Provide approval for PDF proofs and color. Confirm results of the test roll, if one was sent to the co-packer. 

Step 9: Print!

SS Spell PS 16 250_FtJPEG.jpg
SS Spell Rose 17 250_Bkjpeg.jpg
SS Spell Ch16 250_FtJPEG.jpg
SS Spell PS 16 250_Bkjpeg.jpg
SS Spell Rose 17 250_Ftjpeg.jpg
SS Spell Ch16 250_Bkjpeg.jpg