High Build = High Impact

A distinctive label design element is the application of a special coating on a particular spot, or isolated area. This is done to accentuate a specific element or strategically planned portion of the overall label graphics.

The common approach is to apply a high gloss treatment to a specific area to distinguish it from a matte background. By restraining the glossy areas to smaller accents, the designer controls what elements “pop” from the matte background.

When the glossy area is raised above the paper surface area, creating a more pronounced visual and adding a tactile element, the impact is elevated further. This effect is referred to as “High Build”, and has been a highly relied upon design tool - pun intended.

High Build via SilkScreen Technology

Our High Build process creates a dynamic raised high gloss element (can also be a satin or matte finish). High Build can be created via a silkscreen technology process. The process delivers a highly-viscous clear liquid precisely to areas predetermined in the graphics file. The liquid coating is immediately cured and hardened by UV light.

Depending upon the amount of coating applied it will rise above the surface of the substrate to varying, controlled heights. The more coating applied, the higher the “build”. Though there are some limitations on the level of detail; many designs include high build on text, logos, and brand names.

High Build via UV Varnish + Embossing

High Build can also be achieved by combining UV varnish and embossing to the same specified area. The liquid varnish can be gloss, satin, or matte. 

An advantage of this approach is the raised, or embossed, area can be higher or more pronounced than a silkscreen high build. This is a great option to enhance the overall appeal of your label, while drawing attention to specific elements.

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