Starting your label project


It is important to find a printer that can provide the quality, service, and cost efficiencies needed for your label project to be a success. With over 100 years of experience, our team offers the knowledge and innovative capabilities to help you achieve your packaging goals. 

Each label project is viewed individually because each brand and product line is unique. Through our consultative approach, we learn what is most important to customers and customize a label solution that is aligned with their interests. Whether you know exactly what you want your label to look like, or need suggestions, our team can help every step of the way. 


To get your project started, send the art files to our team to preview the graphics. Even if the design isn't finished, it allows the printing team to suggest the best printing technology and embellishments options for your brand. Also, it is important to send files in the correct format. Reviewing art specifications prior to sending files makes the pre-press process more efficient and results in faster label proof turnaround. 

Ready to send files? View our graphics prep guide here. 

Additionally, it is helpful to state your requested need date and bottling date. Even if the dates are estimated, it helps organize the project timeline and ensures everything is completed on time, instead of just-in-time.  


The simple answer is: the earlier the better. Let your printer know what is coming down the pipeline months in advance of your bottling to help planning and scheduling go smoother. Furthermore, expedite the process by having print ready files. The fewer revisions that must be made to files, the faster you can sign-off and approve label proofs. 

Timing of your label project also depends on whether you are printing a new label, refreshing a design, or reprinting an existing label. For new label projects or design refreshes, ensure you have plenty of time to trial your graphics. You can test print designs via a production proof to show variations of color on the stock of your choice, or utilize our proprietary Stella directional proof technology to preview embellishment options (without the cost of any tools or dies). Reprinting an existing label with no changes is the easiest type of project; if no changes are needed and everything was approved on the previous run, the order can go straight to press.  


Multi-Color's most awarded Wine and Spirits label facility is in Napa, California. Our dedicated team works with clients across the country to deliver label solutions tailored to each brand.

Located in the Mid-West, East Coast, or another country? We've got you covered. With over 70 facilities in 26 countries, our global team is available to support you around the world.   


The "how" of label projects is where printing technology shines. The ideal print technology for a label depends on the quantity ordered and embellishments included in the design. Selecting a printer that offers multiple print technologies ensures your labels are printed with the best process, versus being forced into a technology due to lack of options. Fortunately for Multi-Color customers, lithography, flexography, digital, sheet-fed, and shrink sleeve technologies are all under one roof at the Napa facility. 


1. Contact our team of label printing experts.

2. Discuss your goals, graphics, papers, and embellishment options.

3. Receive samples of labels and papers that best match your interests.

4. Test print your labels.

5. Review results and proceed with production order - print!

6. Discuss results and options for future projects.

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