Incorporate multiple images, colors, graphics and papers into your testing

We help clients eliminate surprises and achieve results that position their packaging for success. We offer economical tests of graphic options on the papers and films of your choice, so you can review and select the design that best represents your brand.

A printed production proof is created using a HP Indigo Digital press. Your label or shrink sleeve design can be printed on various stocks, allowing you to preview what colors will look like on different films and papers. Production proofs are 12” x 35”, enabling you to include multiple items and show variations of color on the same press proof. After production proofs are printed, they are varnished and mailed to the requested recipients. This is an especially useful tool if you have a team of people in different locations working on the same project.

Our Simple, Fast, No Surprises Approach


Talk with us about grouping all of your label variations and color options onto a 12” X 35” frame. This is your opportunity to preview different type styles, colors, substrates, screen values, designs, etc. 


Within about 5 working days your printed and varnished test printing will arrive at one or more of your locations for previewing.


Select a version among your trialed options, or conduct another trial with changes based on your preferences. After you select a version of your design you like best, place an order and rest assured your labels will portray the look and vision you intended.


Receive a label shipment that meets your expectations. No surprises!

Digital Production Proof