Personalize your Packaging

Variable Data is made possible the Digital printing process because it treats each label as a unique graphic. We enable our clients to “personalize” each label with unique numbers, codes and, or unique graphics (images). Promote your product with “limited edition” serial numbering of specific lots to depict exclusivity. Change your label graphics to represent different regions, demographic or interest affiliations, and special seasonal products. The deeper a prospective consumer identifies with your product, the more likely they will purchase it and retain loyalty to your brand. 

If you offer micro-custom or private labeling services, or have a quickly rotating product line, variable data via Digital printing gives you the flexibility to customize affordable small lot sizes of labels. With the establishment of affordable packaging that more clearly differentiates your client’s markets and your product categories, you can rethink your potential target markets and distribution networks. You can also rethink how many branding and product versions you can offer.

Brand security 

We also deliver brand security options via digital printing technology. We can deliver a unique variable QR code and connected alphanumeric code on each label. This enables the prospective buyer to validate the product origins by scanning the QR code with their smart phone and typing in the bottle’s printed code. This can also present cloud-updated promotional information to increase the likelihood of purchase and customer satisfaction.

Please, contact us if you'd like to go over options for your marketing and brand security efforts.  

Hanson Vodka of Sonoma, CA